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  1. 957 downloads
    upandrunning (0.1.0) To be quickly up and running with various aspects covered
  2. 50,130 downloads
    upc (1.0.0) a (very) small library for working with Universal Product Codes
  3. 56 downloads
    upcloud (0.0.1.pre.alfa) Command line cli for api
  4. 1,469 downloads
    upcloudify (0.0.3) Upcloudify simplifies the process for uploading attachments to the clou...
  5. 243 downloads
    upcoming (0.1.0) Generate recurring dates based on slightly more complex rules than usual (eg. last working day ev...
  6. 2,403 downloads
    upcoming-api (0.2) A ruby library for using the REST API.
  7. 1,434 downloads
    upcoming-events (0.0.1) Find cool events and things to do.
  8. 72,149 downloads
    update (0.9.9) A Ruby Gem for running a list of update commands from command line.
  9. 930 downloads
    updateable_views_inheritance (1.1.2) Class table inheritance for ActiveRecord based on updatable views in the database that join paren...
  10. 964 downloads
    updateafraid (0.1.2) A Dynamic DNS client for domains parked at
  11. 2,196 downloads
    update_attribute_with_validations (0.1.2) Changes ActiveRecord's update_attribute (singular) method to behave more intuitively and cons...
  12. 6,182 downloads
    updatebroker (0.0.8) Simple service (using Goliath) for reading updates from redis and sending them to clients using SSE
  13. 4,341 downloads
    update_cadabra (1.5) auto-update rvm( + rubygems & gems), rubygems (+ gems), macports (+ ports), homebrew formulas, te...
  14. 1,768 downloads
    update_dependencies (0.1.2) Prints a new Gemfile with the gem versions matched to the independent gemfile.lock
  15. 1,179 downloads
    update-fields (0.0.1) update-fields provides convience methods for running an atomic update on a single field or multip...
  16. 896 downloads
    update_filter (0.0.1) Provide mthods before_update_filter and after_update_filter
  17. 4,322 downloads
    update_hints (1.0.3) Automatically check if a new version of your gem is available and notify users
  18. 227 downloads
    update_in_batches (0.0.2) Same as update_all, but uses find_in_batches
  19. 248 downloads
    update_or_create (0.0.1) This gem defines the update_or_create method for activerecord objects
  20. 1,192 downloads
    update_or_delete_or_create ( Allow to use update_or_create when db:seed or sometime.
  21. 80,227 downloads
    update_partial (1.0.1) Rails gem for easy update HTML container with specified partial.
  22. 15,653 downloads
    updater (0.10.1) A job queue which is ORM Agnostic and has advanced Error Handling
  23. 1,643 downloads
    Update_Site_Cookbooks (0.1.1) This gem automates updating all your cookbooks installed with: "knife cookbook site ins...
  24. 8,223 downloads
    update_status (0.3.2) Updates pull requests on github, with latest build from Jenkins and QA status
  25. 1,875 downloads
    updawg (0.3.6) A simple way to see what's up, dawg (and what's not.)
  26. 1,889 downloads
    updog (0.0.2) A Command-Line tool for getting the weather
  27. 3,558 downloads
    updraft (0.5.2) Umpteenth Portable Document Renderer And Formatting Tool
  28. 3,617 downloads
    upflickr (0.1.8) Provides an easy-to-use wrapper for the flickr API with a focus on basic uploading and organizing...
  29. 265 downloads
    upgrade-your-browser (0.0.1.alpha.1) Tired of getting complaints from users with legacy web browsers? Tell your users it's time for a ...
  30. 958 downloads
    uplift (0.0.1) Amazon EC2 + Other Good Things