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  1. 222 downloads
    url2thumb (0.0.1) Ruby thumbnail generator
  2. 2,952 downloads
    Url2Yml (0.0.4) Convert Heroku Style Database URLS into hashes you can plug into ActiveRecord::Base.establish_con...
  3. 857 downloads
    url_action (0.0.4) This library is called url_action
  4. 309 downloads
    url-analyzer (0.0.2) Retrieve unique identifier information from common websites, such as YouTube, Blogspot, etc.
  5. 927 downloads
    url_authenticator (0.0.1) Helper classes for signing and verifying signed URLs with expiration time.
  6. 1,883 downloads
    url_compare (0.0.3) Attempts to identify URLs that are identical or similar by using some rules to normalize the stri...
  7. 2,283 downloads
    urlcrypt (0.1.0) Securely encode and decode short pieces of arbitrary binary data in URLs.
  8. 225 downloads
    urldiff (0.0.8) Computes and displays the visual differences between two URLs
  9. 1,151 downloads
    url_encrypt (0.1.0) Encrypt your URLs
  10. 59,509 downloads
    url_escape (2009.06.24) Fast replacement for CGI.escape and Rack::Utils.escape
  11. 7,166 downloads
    url_expander (0.1.5) Expand short urls from shortning services shuch as bitly and tinyurl
  12. 666 downloads
    url-fetcher (0.1.0) Url fetcher gem scan given webpage and will find all images. This gem can have to sort images fro...
  13. 8,855 downloads
    url_field (0.0.2) A simple ActiveRecord plugin to correctly format a URL in the database whether the user enters 'h...
  14. 1,699 downloads
    url_format (0.0.8) Validate the url format of an attribute.
  15. 1,686 downloads
    url_formatter (0.0.1) Example of creating a Ruby Gem for RailsCasts episode #301
  16. 938 downloads
    url_hash (0.1.0) Create url-embeddable hashes from integers, for use in short-url services or simple to shorten re...
  17. 1,539 downloads
    url_hunter (0.0.2) Wait a minute, before I go anywhere with you, I want to know where you're taking me.
  18. 299 downloads
    url-identifier (0.0.2) Retrieve unique identifier information from common websites, such as YouTube, Blogspot, etc.
  19. 4,153 downloads
    urlify (0.2.2) A small library for converting accented characters to their ASCII equivalents.
  20. 1,384 downloads
    url_incrementer (0.0.3) URL incremeter for traversing web pages
  21. 1,575 downloads
    url_info_extractor (0.0.2) Extract title, meta-description and favicon out of a URL
  22. 357 downloads
    urlish (0.0.1) Testing a gem description
  23. 5,957 downloads
    Urlize (0.2.0) A simple tool to parse out useful information from URLs
  24. 947 downloads
    urlizer (0.0.2) Provides functionality for examining, verifying and normalizing URLs
  25. 2,551 downloads
    url_job (0.0.3) A rails engine for creating urls that run jobs
  26. 6,145 downloads
    url_keyed_object (0.4.1) Making it easy to work with Rails objects which use a URL key in their URL instead of their datab...
  27. 1,665 downloads
    url_link (1.0.1) Convert all the urls, img url and email from text or string to Url Link (
  28. 1,690 downloads
    url_locale (0.2.0) All HTML responses passing through Rack will have content-lang header when reaching the webserver...
  29. 1,125 downloads
    url_maker (1.0.0) Helper functions for building URLs and query strings
  30. 135 downloads
    urlmask (0.1.0) URLMask provides two related functions: matching of a URL to a URL mask that can contain ...