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  1. 347,602 downloads
    url_mount (0.2.1) Glue to allow mounted rack applications to know where they're mounted
  2. 612 downloads
    url_normalizer (0.0.2) Ruby gem to normalize urls
  3. 1,965 downloads
    url_plumber (0.1.2) modify parts of a hash using a key_path
  4. 294 downloads
    url_processor (0.1.0) Fast and easy way to validate tons of urls without locking up your system or eating up too much m...
  5. 128 downloads
    url_resolver (0.1.0) Simple gem to follow redirects to resolve the destination of a URL. Caches results sometimes.
  6. 801 downloads
    urls (0.1.0) urls is a commandline bookmarking app that aims to make bookmarking fast, easy and customizable. ...
  7. 12,767 downloads
    url_safe_base64 (0.2.2) Converts strings to/from a slightly modified base64 that contains only url-safe characters
  8. 1,240 downloads
    url_scraper (0.0.5) A simple plugin for extracting information from url entered by user (Something like what facebo...
  9. 3,256 downloads
    url_scrubber (0.7.16) Remove extraneous bits from URLs, follow redirects, identify social media urls, etc.
  10. 706 downloads
    url_session (0.0.1) UrlSession stores your session in memcache (dalli), puts session_id to every url and parses it in...
  11. 98 downloads
    urls_for_humans (0.0.2) A delightfully simple way to make your urls friendly to end users, without muddying up the backend.
  12. 4,238 downloads
    urlshort (0.2.0) Gem for shortening URLs
  13. 16,443 downloads
    url_shortener (0.0.7) Url Shortener is a Ruby library / gem and API wrapper for to shorten/expand the urls and r...
  14. 1,221 downloads
    url_slicer (0.1.0) Easy and convenient methods to determine URL elements from a string
  15. 1,126 downloads
    urlsplease-imposter (0.2.0) Temporary fork of Robert Hall's imposter gem with Ruby 1.9 and Rails 3 support. Provides generato...
  16. 334 downloads
    url_status (0.0.4) Confirms that the url is online
  17. 17,324 downloads
    url_store (0.3.5) Data securely stored in urls.
  18. 1,765 downloads
    url_to_contents (0.0.6) [""]
  19. 4,327 downloads
    url_to_media_tag (0.1.4) Convert a Url to image or video embed
  20. 1,958 downloads
    url_tracker (1.1) A simple tool for tracking URLs and getting informed when they are changed.
  21. 4,024 downloads
    url_validation (1.0.0) A simple, localizable EachValidator for URL fields in ActiveRecord 3.0.
  22. 9,840 downloads
    url_validator (0.1.0) URL validator with normalize URL from different charset
  23. 1,163 downloads
    url-vi0lence (0.0.1) Ripping off other peoples hard work, or automating testing whatev. Built on Mechanize
  24. 3,383 downloads
    urlybird (0.0.4) Send UrlyBird off into the intricate canopies of your URI-inhabited content, and watch him bring ...
  25. 1,741 downloads
    urm (0.2.6) URM is Ubuntu Release Manager (urm). It manages Ubuntu releases and switch between them without r...
  26. 895 downloads
    urmum (0.0.2) Taking natural language and throwing it back at you as "you're a"/"your mum's a" jokes
  27. 24,176 downloads
    ur-product (1.0.6) Enables searching and fetching of Utbildningsradion products
  28. 871 downloads
    urrl_formatter (0.0.2) Example of creating a Ruby gem for ASCIIcast #301
  29. 147 downloads
    ursa (0.0.1) Ursa generates Applescript from Ruby Code allowing you to automate many things in your mac withou...
  30. 4,183 downloads
    ur-sab (0.4) Naive translation of SAB codes to Swedish subject for use with Utbildningsradion products