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  1. 2,800 downloads
    upscrn-client (0.2.0) client library for accessing the upscrn api
  2. 40,887 downloads
    upsert (2.0.3) Make it easy to upsert on MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite3. Transparently creates merge functions f...
  3. 277 downloads
    upshot (0.0.1) ActiveRecord query execution tracing over UDP
  4. 294 downloads
    upside_down_server (0.0.2) Anything you serve with this server will be upside-down and backwards (mirrored). It works by dyn...
  5. 2,173 downloads
    ups_pickup (0.0.3) UPS Pickup Request API
  6. 1,946 downloads
    ups_shipping (1.0.2) UPS shipping gem for integrating UPS's API into a Ruby script.
  7. 667 downloads
    upstarter (0.0.2) Generate upstart configuration files
  8. 12,405 downloads
    upstart-exporter (2.1.2) Gem for converting extended Procfile-like files to upstart scripts
  9. 2,139 downloads
    upstart-unicorn-launcher (0.0.4) Launch unicorn with upstart
  10. 233 downloads
    upstatic (0.1.0.pre) Upstatic lets you deploy your static sites on AWS
  11. 1,452 downloads
    ups_time_in_transit (0.1.1) Provides an easy to use interface to the UPS time in transit API
  12. 821 downloads
    ups_time_in_transit_plus (0.1.4) Provides an easy to use interface to the UPS time in transit API
  13. 217 downloads
    upstream (0.0.3) Automatically fetch from upstream every hour.
  14. 294 downloads
    upstream-devise (2.1.0.rc) Flexible authentication solution for Rails with Warden
  15. 167 downloads
    upstreamer (0.0.2) Add `upstream` remote-tracking branch to your forked repository by tracking GitHub.
  16. 872 downloads
    upstream-rails_admin (1.0.2) RailsAdmin is a Rails engine that provides an easy-to-use interface for managing your data.
  17. 812 downloads
    upstream-simple_facebook_connect (0.0.5) This plugin adds the ability to sign in/sign up using facebook connect to your Rails application.
  18. 503 downloads
    up_the_irons-immutable (0.3) Declare methods as immutable.
  19. 1,372 downloads
    uptime_monitor (0.0.7) A Ragios plugin that uses a real web browser to monitor transactions on a website for availability
  20. 613 downloads
    uptime_robot (0.0.1) A library to interact with Uptime Robot's API
  21. 913 downloads
    uptimr (0.1.1) Wrapper for the Uptime, a great remote monitoring tool written in node.js. See
  22. 961 downloads
    up_to_date (0.0.2) up_to_date contains a rake task that you can use to keep your gems up to date.
  23. 7,093 downloads
    upton (0.3.3) Don't re-write web scrapers every time. Upton gives you a scraper template that's easy to use for...
  24. 895 downloads
    uptrends (0.3.0) This is a ruby wrapper around the Uptrends API. Uptrends is a monitoring service that let's you m...
  25. 328 downloads
    uptyped (0.1.2) Adds tests to enforce that interface is only inherited from superclass unless superclass is Object.
  26. 1,415 downloads
    upyun (0.7.1) 又拍云存储ruby api
  27. 351 downloads
    upyun-form (0.0.3) upload picture to uppyun with form
  28. 4,474 downloads
    upyun-paperclip (0.1.5) Upyun gem for paperclip
  29. 926 downloads
    upyun-rainbow (0.1.2) upaiyun ruby driver
  30. 3,290 downloads
    upyun-rb (0.0.17) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.