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  1. 60,647 downloads
    uri_template (0.7.0) A templating system for URIs, which implements RFC6570 and Colon based URITemplates in a clean an...
  2. 3,707 downloads
    uri-templates (0.2.0) URI Templates are strings that contain embedded variables that are transformed into URIs after e...
  3. 368 downloads
    uri-urn (0.0.2) This library adds URN scheme support for standard bundled URI library described in RFC 4122.
  4. 1,535 downloads
    uri_validator (0.2.0) URI validation for ActiveModel
  5. 676 downloads
    urix-util (0.1.4) A library to talk to a URIx radio interface.
  6. 20,243 downloads
    url (0.3.2) A simple url object to allow for OO based manipulation and usage of a url
  7. 23,131 downloads
    url2png (0.3.6) Generate screenshots from websites almost instantly at any preferred size using ruby and the url2...
  8. 6,092 downloads
    url2png-dc (0.1.8) Gem to use Url2Png
  9. 349 downloads
    url2thumb (0.0.1) Ruby thumbnail generator
  10. 3,476 downloads
    Url2Yml (0.0.4) Convert Heroku Style Database URLS into hashes you can plug into ActiveRecord::Base.establish_con...
  11. 1,287 downloads
    url_action (0.0.4) This library is called url_action
  12. 168 downloads
    url-agent (1.0.0) URL agent can handle common errors, concurrency and fallback for applications that call a large n...
  13. 420 downloads
    url-analyzer (0.0.2) Retrieve unique identifier information from common websites, such as YouTube, Blogspot, etc.
  14. 1,835 downloads
    urlarchiver (0.0.9) Saves html and pdfs of websites.
  15. 221 downloads
    url_attribute (0.0.1) ActiveModel field serializer for url fields
  16. 1,032 downloads
    url_authenticator (0.0.1) Helper classes for signing and verifying signed URLs with expiration time.
  17. 2,169 downloads
    url_compare (0.0.3) Attempts to identify URLs that are identical or similar by using some rules to normalize the stri...
  18. 2,744 downloads
    urlcrypt (0.1.0) Securely encode and decode short pieces of arbitrary binary data in URLs.
  19. 495 downloads
    urldiff (0.0.8) Computes and displays the visual differences between two URLs
  20. 1,258 downloads
    url_encrypt (0.1.0) Encrypt your URLs
  21. 61,000 downloads
    url_escape (2009.06.24) Fast replacement for CGI.escape and Rack::Utils.escape
  22. 8,063 downloads
    url_expander (0.1.5) Expand short urls from shortning services shuch as bitly and tinyurl
  23. 231 downloads
    url_extractor (0.0.1) A tool for extracting and replacing URLs from inside a block of text or HTML.
  24. 665 downloads
    url_fetcher (1.0.3) Fetch resources from the internetz!
  25. 766 downloads
    url-fetcher (0.1.0) Url fetcher gem scan given webpage and will find all images. This gem can have to sort images fro...
  26. 9,377 downloads
    url_field (0.0.2) A simple ActiveRecord plugin to correctly format a URL in the database whether the user enters 'h...
  27. 2,553 downloads
    url_format (0.0.8) Validate the url format of an attribute.
  28. 1,884 downloads
    url_formatter (0.0.1) Example of creating a Ruby Gem for RailsCasts episode #301
  29. 1,038 downloads
    url_hash (0.1.0) Create url-embeddable hashes from integers, for use in short-url services or simple to shorten re...
  30. 1,731 downloads
    url_hunter (0.0.2) Wait a minute, before I go anywhere with you, I want to know where you're taking me.