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  1. 2,433 downloads
    url_link (1.0.1) Convert all the urls, img url and email from text or string to Url Link (
  2. 1,850 downloads
    url_locale (0.2.0) All HTML responses passing through Rack will have content-lang header when reaching the webserver...
  3. 1,228 downloads
    url_maker (1.0.0) Helper functions for building URLs and query strings
  4. 241 downloads
    urlmask (0.1.0) URLMask provides two related functions: matching of a URL to a URL mask that can contain ...
  5. 380,499 downloads
    url_mount (0.2.1) Glue to allow mounted rack applications to know where they're mounted
  6. 805 downloads
    url_normalizer (0.0.2) Ruby gem to normalize urls
  7. 597 downloads
    url_parser (0.4.0) Uses PostRank-URI to clean, Addressable to break into components, and Domainatrix to determine do...
  8. 2,374 downloads
    url_plumber (0.1.2) modify parts of a hash using a key_path
  9. 2,470 downloads
    url_processor (0.5.6) Fast and easy way to validate tons of urls without locking up your system or eating up too much m...
  10. 1,509 downloads
    url_resolver (0.1.6) Simple gem to follow redirects to resolve the destination of a URL. Caches results sometimes.
  11. 894 downloads
    urls (0.1.0) urls is a commandline bookmarking app that aims to make bookmarking fast, easy and customizable. ...
  12. 24,079 downloads
    url_safe_base64 (0.2.2) Converts strings to/from a slightly modified base64 that contains only url-safe characters
  13. 1,551 downloads
    url_scraper (0.0.5) A simple plugin for extracting information from url entered by user (Something like what facebo...
  14. 5,534 downloads
    url_scrubber (0.7.20) Remove extraneous bits from URLs, follow redirects, identify social media urls, etc.
  15. 791 downloads
    url_session (0.0.1) UrlSession stores your session in memcache (dalli), puts session_id to every url and parses it in...
  16. 463 downloads
    urls_for_humans (0.0.2) A delightfully simple way to make your urls friendly to end users, without muddying up the backend.
  17. 4,500 downloads
    urlshort (0.2.0) Gem for shortening URLs
  18. 17,929 downloads
    url_shortener (0.0.7) Url Shortener is a Ruby library / gem and API wrapper for to shorten/expand the urls and r...
  19. 1,306 downloads
    url_slicer (0.1.0) Easy and convenient methods to determine URL elements from a string
  20. 1,210 downloads
    urlsplease-imposter (0.2.0) Temporary fork of Robert Hall's imposter gem with Ruby 1.9 and Rails 3 support. Provides generato...
  21. 788 downloads
    url_status (0.0.4) Confirms that the url is online
  22. 18,503 downloads
    url_store (0.3.5) Data securely stored in urls.
  23. 2,019 downloads
    url_to_contents (0.0.6) [""]
  24. 4,766 downloads
    url_to_media_tag (0.1.4) Convert a Url to image or video embed
  25. 627 downloads
    url_to_png (0.0.4) Client library for url2png
  26. 2,216 downloads
    url_tracker (1.1) A simple tool for tracking URLs and getting informed when they are changed.
  27. 427 downloads
    url_trimmer (0.1.0) Reads in plain text files with one URL per line and outputs a list of unique URLs by domain
  28. 4,353 downloads
    url_validation (1.0.0) A simple, localizable EachValidator for URL fields in ActiveRecord 3.0.
  29. 12,673 downloads
    url_validator (0.1.0) URL validator with normalize URL from different charset
  30. 1,248 downloads
    url-vi0lence (0.0.1) Ripping off other peoples hard work, or automating testing whatev. Built on Mechanize