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  1. 18,633 downloads
    url_store (0.3.5) Data securely stored in urls.
  2. 2,066 downloads
    url_to_contents (0.0.6) [""]
  3. 4,846 downloads
    url_to_media_tag (0.1.4) Convert a Url to image or video embed
  4. 694 downloads
    url_to_png (0.0.4) Client library for url2png
  5. 2,264 downloads
    url_tracker (1.1) A simple tool for tracking URLs and getting informed when they are changed.
  6. 479 downloads
    url_trimmer (0.1.0) Reads in plain text files with one URL per line and outputs a list of unique URLs by domain
  7. 4,427 downloads
    url_validation (1.0.0) A simple, localizable EachValidator for URL fields in ActiveRecord 3.0.
  8. 12,831 downloads
    url_validator (0.1.0) URL validator with normalize URL from different charset
  9. 1,265 downloads
    url-vi0lence (0.0.1) Ripping off other peoples hard work, or automating testing whatev. Built on Mechanize
  10. 3,809 downloads
    urlybird (0.0.4) Send UrlyBird off into the intricate canopies of your URI-inhabited content, and watch him bring ...
  11. 1,949 downloads
    urm (0.2.6) URM is Ubuntu Release Manager (urm). It manages Ubuntu releases and switch between them without r...
  12. 1,214 downloads
    urmum (0.0.2) Taking natural language and throwing it back at you as "you're a"/"your mum's a" jokes
  13. 219 downloads
    uron (1.0.0) uron is a mail delivery agent
  14. 26,440 downloads
    ur-product (1.0.6) Enables searching and fetching of Utbildningsradion products
  15. 1,087 downloads
    urrl_formatter (0.0.2) Example of creating a Ruby gem for ASCIIcast #301
  16. 269 downloads
    ursa (0.0.1) Ursa generates Applescript from Ruby Code allowing you to automate many things in your mac withou...
  17. 4,574 downloads
    ur-sab (0.4) Naive translation of SAB codes to Swedish subject for use with Utbildningsradion products
  18. 137 downloads
    ursm-delta_attack (0.1.5) extract text from MS Office document with Apache POI
  19. 242 downloads
    ursm-ditz (0.5) Ditz is a simple, light-weight distributed issue tracker designed to work with distributed versio...
  20. 2,378 downloads
    urss (0.3.0) Ultra RSS is a Feed RSS parser that support multiple subitems (media:content and media:thumbnail)
  21. 1,761 downloads
    urtak (0.9.8) Ruby Client for the Urtak REST API
  22. 6,139 downloads
    urturn-cli (0.6.8) Urturn Command Line
  23. 485 downloads
    urubatan-autotest-notification (1.4.0) This gem set the autotest (ZenTest) to send messages to software as Growl, LibNotify, and Snarl, ...
  24. 246 downloads
    urubatan-mydry_generator (0.2.2) mydry is a rails generator that enables you to work in a drier way, using the information you alr...
  25. 736 downloads
    urushiol (1.0.3) Urushiol was born out of necessity. When we decided to migrate our reverse proxy routing from Apa...
  26. 535 downloads
    usaepay (0.0.1) USAePay library for Ruby and command line interface
  27. 2,862 downloads
    usage (0.0.4) This module implements a simple no thought command line option parser
  28. 2,525 downloads
    Usage (0.0.2) This module implements a simple no thought command line option parser
  29. 9,362 downloads
    usagewatch (0.0.7) A Ruby Gem with methods to find usage statistics on a Linux server such as CPU, Disk, TCP/UDP Con...
  30. 2,826 downloads
    usagewatch_ext (0.2.0) A Ruby Gem with methods to find usage statistics such as CPU, Disk, TCP/UDP Connections, Load, Ba...