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  1. 299 downloads
    ursa (0.0.1) Ursa generates Applescript from Ruby Code allowing you to automate many things in your mac withou...
  2. 4,676 downloads
    ur-sab (0.4) Naive translation of SAB codes to Swedish subject for use with Utbildningsradion products
  3. 179 downloads
    ursm-delta_attack (0.1.5) extract text from MS Office document with Apache POI
  4. 322 downloads
    ursm-ditz (0.5) Ditz is a simple, light-weight distributed issue tracker designed to work with distributed versio...
  5. 2,471 downloads
    urss (0.3.0) Ultra RSS is a Feed RSS parser that support multiple subitems (media:content and media:thumbnail)
  6. 1,809 downloads
    urtak (0.9.8) Ruby Client for the Urtak REST API
  7. 6,381 downloads
    urturn-cli (0.6.8) Urturn Command Line
  8. 654 downloads
    urubatan-autotest-notification (1.4.0) This gem set the autotest (ZenTest) to send messages to software as Growl, LibNotify, and Snarl, ...
  9. 336 downloads
    urubatan-mydry_generator (0.2.2) mydry is a rails generator that enables you to work in a drier way, using the information you alr...
  10. 766 downloads
    urushiol (1.0.3) Urushiol was born out of necessity. When we decided to migrate our reverse proxy routing from Apa...
  11. 567 downloads
    usaepay (0.0.1) USAePay library for Ruby and command line interface
  12. 2,915 downloads
    usage (0.0.4) This module implements a simple no thought command line option parser
  13. 2,578 downloads
    Usage (0.0.2) This module implements a simple no thought command line option parser
  14. 11,859 downloads
    usagewatch (0.0.7) A Ruby Gem with methods to find usage statistics on a Linux server such as CPU, Disk, TCP/UDP Con...
  15. 3,088 downloads
    usagewatch_ext (0.2.0) A Ruby Gem with methods to find usage statistics such as CPU, Disk, TCP/UDP Connections, Load, Ba...
  16. 10,374 downloads
    usaidwat (0.1.4) View a user's last 100 Reddit comments, organized by subreddit.
  17. 1,152 downloads
    usamap (0.0.2) Create a colorized svg map of the USA by county using FIPS coordinates
  18. 2,449 downloads
    usaspending (0.1.1) Ruby gem wrapper for
  19. 1,142 downloads
    usa_today_books (0.0.1) Use this gem to access data from the USA Today books API in your Ruby application
  20. 3,797 downloads
    usatoday-census (0.0.4) Retrieves state population and demographic information.
  21. 577 downloads
    usbank (0.1.0) a gem to fetch transaction data from usbank
  22. 1,947 downloads
    us_bank_holidays (0.0.6) Simplify working with US bank holidays.
  23. 1,179 downloads
    usb-detection-sensor (0.2.2) Detect USB devices when being connected and update a GOM sensor node accordingly. Th...
  24. 253 downloads
    usblamp (0.2.0) WebMail Notifier with ruby (Dream Cheeky).
  25. 1,163 downloads
    usbmux (0.0.2) Connecting and communicating to iDevices over USB
  26. 1,077 downloads
    usbutils (0.0.4) usb utils
  27. 3,094 downloads
    u_s_census (0.0.4) Access US Census data
  28. 3,601 downloads
    uscis_status (0.3.0) USCIS Status Checker
  29. 1,510 downloads
    uscommerce (0.1.0) UsCommerce contains a few handy methods for handling business functions specific to the United St...
  30. 445 downloads
    usda_market (0.0.1) USDA Market is a small library for interacting with the USDA's farmers market api.