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  1. 411 downloads
    useragent-no-extends (0.6.1) HTTP User Agent parser
  2. 54,117 downloads
    user_agent_parser (2.1.5) A simple, comprehensive Ruby gem for parsing user agent strings with the help of BrowserScope's U...
  3. 9,660 downloads
    useragent_parser (0.2.3) UseragentParser extracts browser and operating system information from the headers sent by most b...
  4. 245 downloads
    user_agent_randomizer (0.1.1) In few cases random HTTP User-Agent strings are required that are generated by this gem.
  5. 1,847 downloads
    useragents (0.1.4) Generate a random User-Agent for you
  6. 3,606 downloads
    user_agent_sanitizer (2.0.3) Browser user agent sanitizer, with a focus on sanitizing mobile phone user agents to brand + mode...
  7. 3,774 downloads
    user_announcements (0.0.8) Manage and display site-wide announcements by user, scoped by user role.
  8. 1,205 downloads
    userapi-ruby (0.0.1) UserAPI is an application programming interface (API), which enables anyone to create social netw...
  9. 1,431 downloads
    userapp (0.2.8) User management and authentication for your Ruby app.
  10. 7,496 downloads
    user_authentication (0.1.4) A rails engine for email and password based user authentication.
  11. 6,999 downloads
    userbin (1.1.4) Secure your application with multi-factor authentication, user activity monitoring, and real-time...
  12. 221,082 downloads
    user-choices ( Unified interface to command-line, environment, and configuration files.
  13. 446 downloads
    user-choices-pathname (1.0.0) Pathname for the user-choices command-line argument parser allows choices to be automatically con...
  14. 4,780 downloads
    user_config (0.0.4) The library creates, saves, and loads configuration files, which are in a user's home directory o...
  15. 1,585 downloads
    user-configurations (0.1.0) Configurations for a project, it will read from env vars, local or global files
  16. 5,319 downloads
    usercycle (0.1.4) Ruby library for integrating with the USERcycle API
  17. 786 downloads
    userfox (0.1.0) This gem is a Ruby Wrapper made to use the Userfox API conveniently
  18. 1,322 downloads
    user_fullname (0.0.3) Support user full name
  19. 2,476 downloads
    usergrid (0.0.3) Gem for apigee UserGrid
  20. 8,553 downloads
    usergrid_iron (0.9.2) Low-level gem to access Usergrid / Apigee App Services
  21. 4,144 downloads
    usergrid_ironhorse (0.1.2) Rails ActiveModel gem to access Usergrid / Apigee App Services
  22. 1,229 downloads
    userharmony-flickr_fu (0.3.6) Provides a ruby interface to flickr via the REST api
  23. 7,039 downloads
    userify (0.2.5) Super simple authentication system for Rails, using username, email and password.
  24. 4,394 downloads
    user_impersonate (0.8.0) Allow staff users to pretend to be your customers; to impersonate their account.
  25. 3,439 downloads
    user_impersonate2 (0.10.1) Allow staff users to pretend to be your customers; to impersonate their account.
  26. 1,986 downloads
    userinfuser (0.9.2) userinfuser provides customizable gamification elements designed to increase user intera...
  27. 961 downloads
    userinput (0.0.2) Provides a prompt object for requesting user input
  28. 2,362 downloads
    user_input (1.1.0) Provides simple, convention-based, user input validation and coercion. Also provides a 'type safe...
  29. 2,991 downloads
    user_interface (0.0.5) User Interface for all our web site.
  30. 1,462 downloads
    userl (0.1.1) A CLI to get the most used languages of a GitHub user