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  1. 14,373 downloads
    userstamp (2.0.1) This Rails plugin extends ActiveRecord::Base to add automatic updating of created_by and updated_...
  2. 2,026 downloads
    userstamp_basic (0.1.0) Provides a simple userstamp to models... automatically updates created_by and updated_by based on...
  3. 2,437 downloads
    userstamps (0.0.2) Gem that extends ActiveRecord with stamping for created_by and updated_by fields
  4. 17,418 downloads
    userstream (1.4.0) UserStream is a simple twitter userstream library.
  5. 8,276 downloads
    user-stream-receiver (0.5.3) User Stream Receiver.
  6. 1,698 downloads
    user_switch (0.0.5) Switch the login account in seconds. Depends on devise.
  7. 1,047 downloads
    usertext (0.1.0) Not a markup language - rather, an library for processing user-contributed text that handles the ...
  8. 9,123 downloads
    uservoice (0.3.1) This adds Uservoice support to your Rails application including single sign-on.
  9. 32,504 downloads
    uservoice-ruby (0.0.11) The gem provides Ruby-bindings to UserVoice API and helps generating Single-Sign-On tokens.
  10. 1,159 downloads
    uservoice-turbolinks (0.0.1) This gem adds support for Uservoice to use with Rails Turbolinks. When you use the turbolinks and...
  11. 637 downloads
    uservoice-widget (0.0.1) Provides UserVoice widget Rails helper
  12. 2,211 downloads
    usesguid (1.1.0) A much faster version of the usesguid plugin for Rails ported to a gem (uses database for GUID ge...
  13. 5,377 downloads
    usesguid_migrations (1.0.3) Makes your migrations work with usesguid plugin without explicitly defining the primary key id or...
  14. 641 downloads
    uses_openid (0.0.2) Adds some OpenID authentication methods to an ActiveRecord model
  15. 610 downloads
    uses-store-procedures (0.1.0) So, you really need to use stored procedures in your Rails application. This gem extends ActiveRe...
  16. 1,456 downloads
    use_the_forcible (0.0.2) Easy Accessors for ActiveModel Objects
  17. 20,984 downloads
    use_tinymce (0.0.17) UseTinymce - Yet Another tinyMCE integrations gem for Rails 3 Contains tinymce version
  18. 1,268 downloads
    usfx (0.1.4) Ruby stream parser for Unified Scripture Format XML (USFX)
  19. 2,839 downloads
    ushahidi (0.2.1) The ruby classes that takls to ushahidi platforms. ref:
  20. 47,604 downloads
    usher (0.8.3) Pure ruby general purpose router with interfaces for rails, rack, email or choose your own adventure
  21. 1,492 downloads
    using (0.1.5) Flexibly load ruby files. This gem will automatically add File.expand_path(Fi...
  22. 12,244 downloads
    using_yaml (1.1.1) "Load, save and use YAML files as if they were objects"
  23. 762 downloads
    usno (0.0.2) The base USNO gem provides a namespace for other USNO::* gems.
  24. 385 downloads
    usno-eclipse (0.0.1) Obtain the circumstances of recent and upcoming solar or lunar eclipses for any location.
  25. 411 downloads
    usno-eclipse-lunar (0.0.1) Obtain the circumstances of recent and upcoming lunar eclipses for any location
  26. 395 downloads
    usno-eclipse-solar (0.0.1) Obtain the circumstances of recent and upcoming solar eclipses for any location
  27. 2,282 downloads
    usno-imagery (0.1.4) Consumes USNO's imagery data services
  28. 1,855 downloads
    usno-transit (0.1.1) Consumes USNO resources to return times of rise, set, and transit for the major solar system ...
  29. 2,055 downloads
    uspec (0.0.3) Uspec is a shiny little spec framework for your apps! Unlike other testing frameworks there's no ...
  30. 8,499 downloads
    usps (0.1.2) USPS Webtools API for Ruby