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  1. 988 downloads
    vcita-gcal4ruby (0.7.2) A full featured wrapper for interacting with the Google Calendar API
  2. 971 downloads
    vcita-gdata4ruby (0.2.2) A full featured wrapper for interacting with the base Google Data API
  3. 16,993 downloads
    vclog (1.9.2) VCLog is a cross-VCS/SCM ChangeLog generator.
  4. 964 downloads
    vcloud ( vCloud Director API Ruby Bindings
  5. 2,577 downloads
    vcloud-box-spinner (0.2.5) Create new VM and apply an opinionated set of commands to them, using vcloud API. The vcloud-box-...
  6. 9,410 downloads
    vcloud-core (0.11.0) Core tools for interacting with VMware vCloud Director. Includes VCloud Query, a light wrapper ro...
  7. 5,360 downloads
    vcloud-edge_gateway (1.2.0) Tool to configure a VMware vCloud Edge Gateway. Uses vcloud-core.
  8. 2,900 downloads
    vcloud-launcher (0.4.0) Tool to launch and configure vCloud vApps
  9. 2,868 downloads
    vcloud-net_launcher (0.6.0) Tool to launch and configure vCloud networks. Uses vcloud-core.
  10. 1,773 downloads
    vcloud-net-spinner (0.2.0) It allows one to right rules for firewall, NAT and load balancer using vcloud API and configure t...
  11. 489 downloads
    vcloud-network-configurator (0.1.0) It allows one to right rules for firewall, NAT and load balancer using vcloud API and configure t...
  12. 5,304 downloads
    vcloud-rest (1.3.0) Ruby bindings to create, list and manage vCloud servers
  13. 818 downloads
    vcloud-tools (1.0.0) Tools for VMware vCloud
  14. 4,067 downloads
    vcloud-tools-tester (0.2.0) Tool to facilitate testing of vCloud Tools
  15. 3,657 downloads
    vcloud-walker (3.4.0) Vcloud-walker is a command line tool to describe different vCloud entities. T...
  16. 184 downloads
    vco (0.0.1) this is test for vco
  17. 1,177 downloads
    vcontainer (1.0.0) A dependency injection framework based in PicoContainer.
  18. 329 downloads
    vcops_httpost (0.0.1) This gem currently allows POST calls to the interface to add external metric information about re...
  19. 1,944,215 downloads
    vcr (2.9.3) VCR provides a simple API to record and replay your test suite's HTTP interactions. It works wit...
  20. 4,279 downloads
    vcr_cable (0.3.0) use VCR in development (or whatever Rails environment you want)
  21. 1,265 downloads
    vcr-remote-controller (0.1.0) A remote control for your VCR cassettes
  22. 1,457 downloads
    vcr-xml (0.0.3) Easier SOAP with VCR
  23. 7,171 downloads
    vcs ( Version control systems (Subversion, CVS, PRCS...), however useful, are not very extensible: ...
  24. 258 downloads
    vcs-ann (0.1) vcs-ann is an interactive wrapper for "annotate" and "diff" of svn and git. vcs-ann enables you ...
  25. 1,294 downloads
    vcs_client (0.4.6) This gem provides all the plumbing to interact with the Voter Checkout Service
  26. 1,464 downloads
    vcsdiff (0.1.4) A ruby gem for inspecting diffs generated by git/svn/hg diff using vim or Kompare
  27. 238 downloads
    vcseif (1.2.0) VCSEIF (Version Control Systems Extensible Integration Framework) is a framework that makes it ea...
  28. 298 downloads
    vcs_toolkit (0.1.0) Allows easy to use platform for building a Version Control System. It's a proof-of-concept that V...
  29. 3,585 downloads
    vcx-browser (0.1.11) Do some browser detection with Ruby.
  30. 2,150 downloads
    vcx-elements (0.2.2) Elements Api