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  1. 1,243 downloads
    vidibus-timecode (0.1.1) Timecodes may be used to describe single, definite times or multiple, even random times.
  2. 10,528 downloads
    vidibus-user (1.0.0) Provides a user model and tools to authenticate the current user.
  3. 11,546 downloads
    vidibus-uuid (1.0.0) Provides UUID generation for Mongoid models. It includes a validator for UUIDs.
  4. 11,328 downloads
    vidibus-validate_uri (0.3.0) It provides validation of URIs (URLs) to ActiveModel records and ActionControllers in Rails 3.
  5. 3,360 downloads
    vidibus-versioning (0.3.0) Versioning designed for advanced usage, like scheduling versions.
  6. 1,183 downloads
    vidibus-version_scheduler (0.2.0) Schedules migration to future versions created by Vidibus::Versioning.
  7. 2,442 downloads
    vidibus-watch_folder (0.1.3) Create multiple watch folders within your application, e.g. to provide individual FTP mount point...
  8. 1,986 downloads
    vidibus-words (0.0.2) Contains stop words lists and methods to extract keywords from strings.
  9. 645 downloads
    vidibus-wowza_log_parser (0.1.1) A simple parser for Wowza access logs
  10. 15,222 downloads
    vidibus-xss (0.1.18) Drop-in XSS support for remote applications.
  11. 1,225 downloads
    vidly (0.1.0) Post your videos to Twitter with
  12. 538 downloads
    vidocq (0.0.7) A library for discover service instances registered in ZooKeeper.
  13. 1,210 downloads
    vid-skim (0.0.1) Transcripts and commentary for long boring videos on YouTube!
  14. 4,357 downloads
    vienna (0.4.0) Tiny, zero-configuration static file server built on top of rack
  15. 16,271 downloads
    vienna_rna (0.14.0) A Ruby 2.0 API for interacting with command line tools involving RNA molecules through a standard...
  16. 499 downloads
    viera_play (1.0) Uses DLNA to play video files on Panasonic Viera TVs from the command line
  17. 2,697 downloads
    view (1.0.0.alpha.1) A very extensible way of viewing objects, easily integrated with other gems
  18. 7,191 downloads
    viewaide (0.5.0) Making your views easier
  19. 8,111 downloads
    view_assets (1.1.1) Instead of using the default assets managing style in rails 3.2, this gem will introduce a new wa...
  20. 661,717 downloads
    viewcumber (0.3.1) Cucumber formatter for easily viewing each step of your scenarios
  21. 1,247 downloads
    view_driver (0.1.0) Helps dry up Rails-views using sublayouts and sections
  22. 2,894 downloads
    viewfu (1.0.3) Lots of little tidbits for tidying up your views
  23. 462 downloads
    view_generator (0.0.1) Generator of views for existing models
  24. 1,944 downloads
    viewlet (0.0.5) Rails view components
  25. 9,426 downloads
    view_mapper (0.3.4) View_mapper will generate scaffolding for new or existing models, customized for the plugins you ...
  26. 3,586 downloads
    view_marker (1.0.0) Marks Rails logs with a message at the beginning of view rendering
  27. 2,314 downloads
    view-model (0.0.2) Plugin for ActiveRecord models (Postgresql 8.x only atm) which provides an easy way to migrate a...
  28. 10,892 downloads
    view_models (4.0.1) The missing R to the Rails MVC
  29. 36,192 downloads
    viewpoint (0.1.27) A Ruby client access library for Microsoft Exchange Web Services (EWS). Examples can be found he...
  30. 992 downloads
    viewpoint-spws (0.5.0) A Ruby client access library for Microsoft Sharepoint Web Services (SPWS). It is a work in p...