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  1. 3,853 downloads
    vhdl_doctest (0.0.5) Run parameterized test for VHDL written in doctest-like format.
  2. 3,130 downloads
    vhdl_parser (0.5) VHDL Parser parses an VHDL entity and provides a Ruby interface to access all its information.
  3. 769 downloads
    vhost_admin (0.0.1) Command Line Tools to manage virtual hosts fo Apache and Postfix
  4. 8,236 downloads
    vhost_generator (0.3.4) vhost_generator outputs a general-purpose VirtualHost configuration file to run your web applicat...
  5. 1,184 downloads
    vhost_writer (0.2.1) Automatically generate virtual host config files based on a directory of sites and a given ERB te...
  6. 782 downloads
    vhskit (0.0.2) Just like a Postgres server, only fake
  7. 117 downloads
    vi (0.0.1) Write a longer description. Optional.
  8. 1,209 downloads
    viadeo (0.0.2) This gem enables you to access most features of the Viadeo GRAPH API via Ruby
  9. 2,165 downloads
    viaduct (0.1.0) Build stuff with middlware.
  10. 712 downloads
    viaduct-api (1.0.5) A full client library allows requests to made to the Viaduct API.
  11. 2,137 downloads
    viaduct-archfile (1.3.1) A validation tool for checking the validity of a Viaduct Archfile
  12. 346 downloads
    viaduct-gandi (1.0.0) A Gandi module for working with domain registrations.
  13. 1,916 downloads
    viaduct_rails_helpers (1.0.0) A selection of useful helpers for Rails application when hosted on Viaduct.
  14. 397 downloads
    viaduct-toolkit (0.0.3) A set of useful tools to help developers use & manage their Viaduct applications.
  15. 1,063 downloads
    viaggiatreno (1.0.2) A web scraper to fetch real time information on train riding the Italian railway system (viaggiat...
  16. 465 downloads
    viagogo (0.0.1) viagogo api ruby client
  17. 107 downloads
    viagogo-client (0.0.1.pre) Ruby toolkit for working with the viagogo API
  18. 1,410 downloads
    vianettsms (0.0.3) Send sms messages using Vianett service from ruby
  19. 3,895 downloads
    vi_api_lib (0.1.2) A ruby library for accessing management information from VMware servers using the Virtual Infrast...
  20. 353 downloads
    vibe (0.0.4) A Ruby wrapper for the Vibe REST API
  21. 2,669 downloads
    vibedeck-activemerchant (1.18.2) Active Merchant is a simple payment abstraction library used in and sponsored by Shopify. It is w...
  22. 2,645 downloads
    vibedeck-comma (0.4.2) Ruby Comma Seperated Values generation library
  23. 3,898 downloads
    vibedeck-youtube_it (2.0.1) Upload, delete, update, comment on youtube videos all from one gem.
  24. 144 downloads
    viberator (0.0.1) Dumps Viber chat logs into pretty-formatted HTML
  25. 906 downloads
    vibes (0.0.0) A gem to utilize the Vibes Media APIs, such as Legacy, MessageAPI, and Catapult
  26. 2,510 downloads
    vibes-bj (1.2.2) Forked ahoward/bj because the way the bin/bj before_run method interacts with Main's logger= inst...
  27. 2,491 downloads
    vibes-rubycas-client (2.3.0.alpha8) We've taken the rubycas-client and added some enterprisey features and improved compatibility wit...
  28. 7,484 downloads
    vic (1.0.0) Create Vim colorschemes with Ruby
  29. 511 downloads
    vic-buildr (1.3.4) A build system that doesn't suck
  30. 272 downloads
    vice (0.0.2) Squeezing speed from Rails.