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  1. 9,332 downloads
    videawesome (0.0.11) An awesome video helper for Ruby and Rails apps
  2. 1,564 downloads
    video (0.0.2) Parse and consume video links
  3. 13,586 downloads
    videoclip (0.3.0) Save videos from popular sites alongside your ActiveRecord models
  4. 474 downloads
    video_code_embed (0.0.5) Embedding third party API to rails using Railties
  5. 13,989 downloads
    video_converter (0.7.10) This gem allows you to convert video files using ffmpeg, mencoder and other user defined utilitie...
  6. 1,866 downloads
    video_data (0.2.1) This gem is not for general consumption.
  7. 622 downloads
    video_dimensions (0.3.0) Quick and easy video attributes -- width, height, bitrate, codec, duration, framerate.
  8. 1,606 downloads
    video_embed (0.1.0) Generate HTML to embed videos based on a URL
  9. 629 downloads
    videoinfo (0.4.0) Combines metadata from a variety of sources with codec details from mediainfo to produce a marked...
  10. 50,419 downloads
    video_info (2.3.1) Get video info from Dailymotion, Vimeo, VK and YouTube url.
  11. 1,970 downloads
    videojoiner (0.0.4) This gem contains modules to create a single video file using a set of videos as input, via ffmpe...
  12. 303 downloads
    videojs (1.0.0) VideoJS wrapper
  13. 2,701 downloads
    video-js-rails ( Video.js is a JavaScript and CSS library that makes it easier to work with and build on HTML5 video
  14. 15,605 downloads
    videojs_rails (4.6.1) HTML5 VideoJS plugin
  15. 884 downloads
    videojs-rails (0.0.2.alpha) This gem just add videojs at your ASSets
  16. 530 downloads
    videojs_user_track (0.1) 在video-js框架里,记录用户重复播放视频里各部分的频度。
  17. 1,103 downloads
    videojuicer-player-sdk (0.4.3) Videojuicer Player SDK runtime and compiler to create and build Player Addons.
  18. 924 downloads
    videojuicer-vj-sdk (0.1.12) Videojuicer core-sdk
  19. 389 downloads
    videolog (1.0.0) This gem makes it easy to integrate Videolog with Ruby projects.
  20. 897 downloads
    video_parser (0.1.0) This gem is used to get video info from youku, tudou, slideshare.
  21. 275 downloads
    video-preview (0.0.1) Library that allows you to generate video previews in a wise manner.
  22. 659 downloads
    videoreg (0.1) Video Registration scripts. Allows to register continuously
  23. 1,397 downloads
    videos (0.0.5) A collection of videos is a directory (the container) containing both video files and directories...
  24. 1,404 downloads
    video_scraper (1.0.5) Web scraping library for video sharing sites.
  25. 5,164 downloads
    video_screenshoter (0.2.3) Documentation coming soon...
  26. 51 downloads
    video-sprites (0.0.1.pre1) Automatically generated thumbnails and WebVTT with time synced media fragment URLs for video files.
  27. 1,053 downloads
    videostore (0.0.3) The videostore gem is a utility for storing and tracking remote videos at streaming sites such as...
  28. 1,905 downloads
    video_to_ascii (0.0.3) A Command line tool to take a video from your iSight camera and play it back as ASCII art
  29. 3,886 downloads
    video_to_mp3 (0.0.6) audio/video media convertor
  30. 3,090 downloads
    video-torrent-info (0.1.9) It simply loads small part of torrent that contains metadata and processes it with ffmpeg