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  1. 523 downloads
    vitamin (0.0.0) ...
  2. 1,199 downloads
    vitamined-gems (1.0.0) Powered config.gem syntax to make your enviroment DRY
  3. 878 downloads
    vitelity (1.0.1) A gem for utilizing the Vitelity API
  4. 1,609 downloads
    vito (0.0.5) Vito installs webservers for you very easily. Its goal is to be opinionated, with a shallow learn...
  5. 1,897 downloads
    vitobotta-brb (0.3.2) BrB is a simple, fully transparent and extremely fast interface for doing simple distributed ruby...
  6. 943 downloads
    vitobotta-resque-pool ( quickly and easily fork a pool of resque workers, saving memory (w/REE) and monitoring th...
  7. 12,073 downloads
    vitreous_share (0.0.31) Shared components for Vitreous
  8. 8,110 downloads
    vitreous_standalone (0.0.23) Standalone version for the VitreousCloud
  9. 5,725 downloads
    vitrine (0.0.29) Serves ERB templates with live CoffeeScript and SASS
  10. 37,530 downloads
    vitunes (0.4.9) Control iTunes with Vim
  11. 889 downloads
    vitunes-10.5 (0.4.8) Control iTunes with Vim
  12. 5,581 downloads
    viva-app_config (1.2.0) Application level configuration that supports YAML config file, inheritance, ERB, and object memb...
  13. 2,367 downloads
    viva-declarative_authorization ( declarative_authorization is a Rails plugin for authorization based on readable authorization rules.
  14. 124 downloads
    vivapayments (0.0.1) Wrapper for the Vivapayments API.
  15. 1,301 downloads
    viva-php_serialize (1.1.3) This module provides two methods: PHP.serialize() and PHP.unserialize(), both of which should b...
  16. 1,213 downloads
    viva-resource_controller ( Rails RESTful controller abstraction plugin.
  17. 2,411 downloads
    viva-rubyzip ( rubyzip is a ruby module for reading and writing zip files
  18. 3,976 downloads
    vivid_seats (0.0.4) An interface library for the Vivid Seats web service.
  19. 727 downloads
    vivus (1.0.4) Styleguides can be a pain to keep as a living documentation for your CSS. By analysing the commen...
  20. 6,570 downloads
    vixen (0.0.12) Vixen is an easy way to interact with VMware virtual machines from Ruby. Vixen is not affli...
  21. 874 downloads
    viximo-cache-money (0.3.0) Write-through and Read-through Cacheing for ActiveRecord
  22. 5,166 downloads
    viximo-rack-throttle (0.5.0) Rack middleware for rate-limiting incoming HTTP requests.
  23. 193 downloads
    viz (0.1.1) Vizualize MagLev
  24. 669 downloads
    vizi_logger (0.1.0) This gem module provides a logger class and a log formatter class that will create a log file...
  25. 4,615 downloads
    vizir (0.2.6) Vizir is a simple Ruby script for Mac OS X that monitors your interactive jobs on Grid'5000. It t...
  26. 3,610 downloads
    vizi_tracker (0.5.0) This module provides a set of classes to support the parsing of web log files and the creatio...
  27. 3,137 downloads
    vizi_translator (0.5.0) This gem module provides a classes to support the language translation of text files or text stri...
  28. 3,063 downloads
    vizi_whois (0.4.0) This gem module provides a classes to find the right Regional Internet Registry for a given I...
  29. 1,403 downloads
    vizjerai-avalara (0.3.1) This library provides Ruby calls to interact with the Avalara Tax API
  30. 5,850 downloads
    vizjerai-devise_security_extension (0.3.8) a gem for extend devise for more password security