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  1. 3,161 downloads
    vizi_translator (0.5.0) This gem module provides a classes to support the language translation of text files or text stri...
  2. 3,081 downloads
    vizi_whois (0.4.0) This gem module provides a classes to find the right Regional Internet Registry for a given I...
  3. 1,421 downloads
    vizjerai-avalara (0.3.1) This library provides Ruby calls to interact with the Avalara Tax API
  4. 5,881 downloads
    vizjerai-devise_security_extension (0.3.8) a gem for extend devise for more password security
  5. 6,245 downloads
    vizjerai-google-checkout (0.4.0) An experimental library for sending payment requests to Google Checkout.
  6. 6,895 downloads
    vizjerai-query_trace (0.2.2) With query_trace enabled, the Rails logs will contain a partial stack trace for every executed SQ...
  7. 2,243 downloads
    vizzuality-sequel-rails (0.3.7) Integrate Sequel with Rails 3
  8. 1,250 downloads
    vj-player-sdk (0.4.5) Videojuicer Player SDK runtime and compiler to create and build Player Addons.
  9. 683,919 downloads
    vj-sdk (0.8.2) Videojuicer core-sdk
  10. 2,552 downloads
    vjt-email_validator (1.5.4) ActiveModel::EachValidator to check for valid e-mail addresses
  11. 1,226 downloads
    vjt-ruby-audioinfo (0.1.6) ruby-audioinfo glues together various audio libraries and presents a single API to the developer.
  12. 1,741 downloads
    vjt-zendesk (1.2.0) The plugin implements the HTML generation code for the Zendesk dropbox and the necessary controll...
  13. 2,706 downloads
    vk (0.0.4) Wrapper for calling API from application servers and sites using API
  14. 1,542 downloads
    vk_api (0.1.0) Гем для общения с Open API сайта ВКонтакте без использования пользовательских сессий.
  15. 2,600 downloads
    vk-console (0.2.1) Ruby console for API
  16. 539 downloads
    vkhater-redcarpet (2.2.3) A fast, safe and extensible Markdown to (X)HTML parser
  17. 820 downloads
    vkhater-social_stream ( Social Stream is a Ruby on Rails engine for building social network websites. It supports contact...
  18. 837 downloads
    vkhater-social_stream-base (0.11.2) Social Stream is a Ruby on Rails engine providing your application with social networking feature...
  19. 805 downloads
    vkhater-social_stream-documents (0.6.1) Social Stream is a Ruby on Rails engine providing your application with social networking feature...
  20. 816 downloads
    vkhater-social_stream-events (0.3.2) Social Stream is a Ruby on Rails engine providing your application with social networking feature...
  21. 801 downloads
    vkhater-social_stream-linkser (0.1.1) Social Stream Linkser provides Linkser support in Social Stream, the core for building social net...
  22. 2,434 downloads
    vkill_gems_methods (0.1.2) vkill'gems public methods
  23. 2,748 downloads
    vkontakte (0.0.3) The easiest way to access Vkontakte API and some other utils.
  24. 15,002 downloads
    vkontakte_api (1.3.1) A transparent wrapper for VKontakte API. Supports ruby-way naming of API methods (without method ...
  25. 1,126 downloads
    vkontakter (0.1.0) For most popular in russia social network, api wrapper
  26. 4,245 downloads
    vkpd (1.3.6) VKPD searches for music files on russian social network and adds/plays it with MPD.
  27. 20,366 downloads
    vk-ruby (0.9.4) Ruby wrapper for API
  28. 221 downloads
    vk-watchdog (0.1) Простая утилита для мониторинга обновлений профилей ВК (обновлений друзей и инфы).
  29. 1,275 downloads
    vl (0.0.5) Awesome first gem!!
  30. 2,247 downloads
    vlaah (0.9.1) It provides various model classes which wrap the raw protocol of VLAAH API. (