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  1. 346 downloads
    vagrant-export (0.2.1) Export boxes to .box files including the original Vagrantfile and some cleanups inside the VM
  2. 2,446 downloads
    vagrant-fabric (0.2.2) Enables Vagrant to provision with python fabric script.
  3. 330 downloads
    vagrant-faster (0.1.0) A Vagrant Plugin that makes your VirtualBox VMs faster by allocating more Memory/CPU based on you...
  4. 574 downloads
    vagrant-fastforward (0.0.1) Use virtual machine snapshots to bring a VM into its converged state.
  5. 1,013 downloads
    vagrant-fifo (0.2.1) Enables Vagrant to manage machines in Fifo cloud and SDC
  6. 1,052 downloads
    vagrant-fixed-ssh (1.0.7) Vagrant is a tool for building and distributing virtualized development environments.
  7. 68 downloads
    vagrant-fleet (0.0.1.pre.1) Vagrant fleet provisioner for use with a CoreOS guest machine
  8. 5,264 downloads
    vagrant-flow (1.0.27) Enables Vagrant to Generate Ansible Inventory Files.
  9. 2,297 downloads
    vagrant-fog-box-storage (0.0.4) The use case is if you have a vagrant box, stored on S3 (or another storage provider supported by...
  10. 1,983 downloads
    vagrant-foodshow (1.0.2) You can share your vagrant vm with your colleagues easily by using vagrant-foodshow
  11. 4,052 downloads
    vagrant-foodtaster-server (0.0.10) A Foodtaster DRb server.
  12. 586 downloads
    vagrant-free-memory (0.0.1) Vagrant plugin example from the book Vagrant: Up and Running
  13. 647 downloads
    vagrant-fsnotify (0.0.4) Use vagrant-fsnotify to forward filesystem change notifications to your Vagrant VM
  14. 459 downloads
    vagrant-fwdports (0.0.1) Show list of forwarded ports on Vagrant VM.
  15. 1,041 downloads
    vagrant-ganeti (0.1.1) Enables Vagrant to manage machines in Ganeti.
  16. 2,366 downloads
    vagrant-gatling-rsync (0.0.4) The gatling-rsync plugin runs on Mac and Linux and is far less CPU-intensive than the built-in rs...
  17. 2,833 downloads
    vagrant-gem (0.0.5) Vagrant plugin to allow you to install gems into the Vagrant gem environment
  18. 1,372 downloads
    vagrant-git (0.1.4) A vagrant plugin to allow checking out git repositories as part of vagrant tasks.
  19. 8,886 downloads
    vagrant-gitcredentials (0.0.23) Generates SSH key and registers it with your gitHub account
  20. 425 downloads
    vagrant-github_key_manager (0.0.1) vagrant plugin for github key management
  21. 4,032 downloads
    vagrant-global-status (0.1.4) Find out the status of all of the Vagrant VMs you manage
  22. 504 downloads
    vagrant-google (0.1.4) Enables Vagrant to manage Google Compute Engine instances.
  23. 856 downloads
    vagrant-gq (0.1.2) Enables Vagrant to manage machines in GreenQloud.
  24. 12,381 downloads
    vagrant-grunt (0.0.26) A gem that will allow you to issue custom grunt commands passed into your virtual machine reducin...
  25. 352 downloads
    vagrant-gs (0.0.1) Vagrant global-status alias
  26. 299 downloads
    vagrant-guest_ansible (0.0.1) Ansible provisioner intended to run in the guest machine.
  27. 394 downloads
    vagrant-guest-netbsd (0.0.2) Vagrant Guest Plugin for NetBSD
  28. 793 downloads
    vagrant-guest-omnios (0.0.1) Vagrant 1.2x plugin to provide guest support for omnios (interim prior to core support), yep.
  29. 755 downloads
    vagrant-guest-openwrt (0.0.3) A vagrant plugin for OpenWrt guests.
  30. 449 downloads
    vagrant-guest-qnx (0.0.1) A plugin to allow vagrant to recognize instances of QNX Neutrino RTOS. Guest capabilities are l...