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  1. 1,538 downloads
    viva-php_serialize (1.1.3) This module provides two methods: PHP.serialize() and PHP.unserialize(), both of which should b...
  2. 1,819 downloads
    viva-resource_controller ( Rails RESTful controller abstraction plugin.
  3. 2,650 downloads
    viva-rubyzip ( rubyzip is a ruby module for reading and writing zip files
  4. 363 downloads
    vivid_seat_api (0.0.3) This gem provides access to add, edit and delete listings appearing on Vivid Seats and it’s affil...
  5. 4,441 downloads
    vivid_seats (0.0.4) An interface library for the Vivid Seats web service.
  6. 2,767 downloads
    vivus (1.0.9) Styleguides can be a pain to keep as a living documentation for your CSS. By analysing the commen...
  7. 8,015 downloads
    vixen (0.0.12) Vixen is an easy way to interact with VMware virtual machines from Ruby. Vixen is not affli...
  8. 999 downloads
    viximo-cache-money (0.3.0) Write-through and Read-through Cacheing for ActiveRecord
  9. 5,743 downloads
    viximo-rack-throttle (0.5.0) Rack middleware for rate-limiting incoming HTTP requests.
  10. 346 downloads
    viz (0.1.1) Vizualize MagLev
  11. 797 downloads
    vizi_logger (0.1.0) This gem module provides a logger class and a log formatter class that will create a log file...
  12. 5,086 downloads
    vizir (0.2.6) Vizir is a simple Ruby script for Mac OS X that monitors your interactive jobs on Grid'5000. It t...
  13. 4,210 downloads
    vizi_tracker (0.5.0) This module provides a set of classes to support the parsing of web log files and the creatio...
  14. 3,729 downloads
    vizi_translator (0.5.0) This gem module provides a classes to support the language translation of text files or text stri...
  15. 3,537 downloads
    vizi_whois (0.4.0) This gem module provides a classes to find the right Regional Internet Registry for a given I...
  16. 1,916 downloads
    vizjerai-avalara (0.3.1) This library provides Ruby calls to interact with the Avalara Tax API
  17. 6,661 downloads
    vizjerai-devise_security_extension (0.3.8) a gem for extend devise for more password security
  18. 7,468 downloads
    vizjerai-google-checkout (0.4.0) An experimental library for sending payment requests to Google Checkout.
  19. 7,668 downloads
    vizjerai-query_trace (0.2.2) With query_trace enabled, the Rails logs will contain a partial stack trace for every executed SQ...
  20. 314 downloads
    vizjerai-validatable (1.9.0) Validatable is a library for adding validations.
  21. 2,728 downloads
    vizzuality-sequel-rails (0.3.7) Integrate Sequel with Rails 3
  22. 1,372 downloads
    vj-player-sdk (0.4.5) Videojuicer Player SDK runtime and compiler to create and build Player Addons.
  23. 689,696 downloads
    vj-sdk (0.8.2) Videojuicer core-sdk
  24. 2,891 downloads
    vjt-email_validator (1.5.4) ActiveModel::EachValidator to check for valid e-mail addresses
  25. 1,349 downloads
    vjt-ruby-audioinfo (0.1.6) ruby-audioinfo glues together various audio libraries and presents a single API to the developer.
  26. 1,872 downloads
    vjt-zendesk (1.2.0) The plugin implements the HTML generation code for the Zendesk dropbox and the necessary controll...
  27. 3,071 downloads
    vk (0.0.4) Wrapper for calling API from application servers and sites using API
  28. 1,713 downloads
    vk_api (0.1.0) Гем для общения с Open API сайта ВКонтакте без использования пользовательских сессий.
  29. 2,948 downloads
    vk-console (0.2.1) Ruby console for API
  30. 673 downloads
    vkhater-redcarpet (2.2.3) A fast, safe and extensible Markdown to (X)HTML parser