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  1. 270 downloads
    vagrant-guests-solaris11 (0.0.1a) Enables Vagrant to manage Oracle Solaris 11 guests.
  2. 305 downloads
    vagrant-hanewin-nfs (1.0.0) Manage and adds support for NFS on windows.
  3. 8,728 downloads
    vagrant-hiera (0.4.0) Configure a vagrant box to use puppet-hiera
  4. 11,619 downloads
    vagrant-hitch (0.1.5) Creates and use a data driven vagrant environment
  5. 681 downloads
    vagrant-hmurca (0.1.5) Hmurca's formation Vagrant plugin.
  6. 6,345 downloads
    vagrant-hostel (0.0.12) Vagrant plugin to allow you to manage multiple instances of chosen vms from your Vagrantfile
  7. 3,099 downloads
    vagrant-hostentries (0.6.5) vagrant-hosts is a Vagrant plugin to manage /etc/hosts entries on both the host OS and guest VMs.
  8. 573 downloads
    vagrant-hostentriess (0.5.0) vagrant-hosts is a Vagrant plugin to manage /etc/hosts entries on both the host OS and guest VMs.
  9. 47,986 downloads
    vagrant-hostmanager (1.5.0) A Vagrant plugin that manages the /etc/hosts file within a multi-machine environment
  10. 7,652 downloads
    vagrant-hostmaster (0.8.1) vagrant-hostmaster is a Vagrant plugin to manage /etc/hosts entries on both the host OS and guest...
  11. 2,311 downloads
    vagrant-host-path (1.3.1) Vagrant plugin that stores the host path to your project in the environment variable in the VM.
  12. 102 downloads
    vagrant-host-route (1.0.0) Create a route on the host via a Vagrant-managed guest.
  13. 756 downloads
    vagrant-hostruby (0.0.1) Provision Vagrant boxes with Ruby (on the host machine)
  14. 1,373 downloads
    vagrant-host-ruby-provisioner (0.2.0) Vagrant Ruby provisioner for executing Ruby code on the host.
  15. 14,556 downloads
    vagrant-hosts (2.2.3) Manage static DNS entries and configuration for Vagrant guests.
  16. 2,784 downloads
    vagrant-host-shell (0.0.4) a vagrant provisioner to run commands on the host
  17. 275 downloads
    vagrant-hosts-provisioner (1.0.1) A Vagrant provisioner for managing the /etc/hosts file of the host and guest machines.
  18. 28,790 downloads
    vagrant-hostsupdater (0.0.11) Enables Vagrant to update hosts file on the host machine
  19. 2,455 downloads
    vagrant-hp (0.1.4) Enables Vagrant to manage machines on HP Cloud.
  20. 1,149 downloads
    vagrant-http-basic-authentication (0.1.1) This Vagrant plugin allows user to define box urls that use HTTP Basic Authentication
  21. 2,533 downloads
    VagrantHyperV (0.0.5) This is a HyperV provider for vagrant. It doesn't quite work yet.
  22. 662 downloads
    vagrant-iijgp (0.0.2) Vagrant plugin for IIJ GIO Hosting Package service
  23. 307 downloads
    vagrant-iniconfig (0.1) Use ini-based configuration in your Vagrantfile
  24. 666 downloads
    vagrant-ip (0.1.0) Get the IP from the bridged guest
  25. 177 downloads
    vagrant-itamae (0.0.1) Vagrant plugin for itamae
  26. 679 downloads
    vagrant-jenv (0.0.2) Vagrant jenv plugin to supply jenv provision
  27. 276 downloads
    vagrant-joyent (0.3.0) vagrant-joyent is a Vagrant provider for various Joyent services. It enables Vagrant to m...
  28. 157 downloads
    vagrant-junos (0.0.3) A Vagrant plugin for Junos guests, e.g. Firefly Perimeter
  29. 991 downloads
    vagrant-kick (0.0.1) Vagrant plugin to kick off a bunch of predefined tests
  30. 6,833 downloads
    vagrant-kvm (0.1.9) A Vagrant 1.4+ plugin that adds a KVM provider to Vagrant, allowing Vagrant to control and provis...