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  1. 461 downloads
    vpim2 (0.0.1) This is vPim updated for use with Rails applications working with Ruby 2.0.
  2. 1,651 downloads
    vpim_icalendar (1.1) This is a virtual gem, it exists to depend on vPim, which provides iCalendar support for ruby. Yo...
  3. 8,641 downloads
    vpim-rails (0.665) This is vPim updated for use with Rails applications.
  4. 735 downloads
    vpim-rails-reinteractive (0.7) This is vPim updated for use with Rails applications.
  5. 1,474 downloads
    vpk (0.0.2) VPK File Format Parser (extract and archive)
  6. 1,726 downloads
    vpm (0.0.2) An awesome utility for managing Vim plugins
  7. 8,915 downloads
    vpnmaker (1.0.11) haml templates and key tracking
  8. 3,629 downloads
    vpopmail (1.0.2) VPOPMail interface for Ruby. Allows to write filters, spam learners, etc. using the vpopmail soft...
  9. 2,559 downloads
    vpsb (1.1.8) From instalation server and configure to deploy
  10. 246 downloads
    vpsfree-client (0.1.0) Ruby API and CLI for API
  11. 248 downloads
    vpy (0.0.1) Versapay command line tool
  12. 15,451 downloads
    vraptor-scaffold (1.3.0) VRaptor scaffold extension to make it easier configuring new projects and plugins.
  13. 364 downloads
    vrb (0.0.1) MVC of View for Ruby
  14. 1,753 downloads
    vrbo (1.0.0) Scrapes a VRBO calendar using Mechanize and returns available dates
  15. 528 downloads
    vr-corelib (0.0.36) Library to make GUIs with Ruby. This library is a dependency of visualruby. This library is use...
  16. 450 downloads
    vremya (1.0) A lump of syntactic sugar around native Date and Time objects, that takes the pain out of timezon...
  17. 8,441 downloads
    vrlib (1.0.16) Library to make GUIs with Ruby. This library is a dependency of visualruby. This library is use...
  18. 5,638 downloads
    vrome (2.0.2) Vrome is a external server for vrome, a Vim keybindings extension for chrome
  19. 12,171 downloads
    vrowser (0.1.5) Server browser and Crawler for many games (L4D2, TF2, CS:S, KZMOD, The Ship)
  20. 2,465 downloads
    vrtx (0.0.3) Client library and command line tool for managing content on webservers with WebDAV and the open ...
  21. 1,829 downloads
    vruby (2004.08.07) "VisualuRuby" is a GUI library on MS Windows for Ruby. The project has two part, one is...
  22. 293 downloads
    vrundler (0.0.5) Lightweight ruby tool to manage my vim plugin ecosystem
  23. 1,258 downloads
    vrvirtualdesktop (0.0.1) This module implements workspace manager for Windows (NT/2000/XP)
  24. 1,227 downloads
    vscripts (0.1.5) VScripts is a command line utility that performs a series of tasks used on's deployment.
  25. 4,751 downloads
    vspheremonitor (0.1.1) Collects host and cluster metrics from vsphere and outputs json
  26. 772 downloads
    vsql_parser (0.3) Provides treetop grammar for Vertica SQL. (Most likely works with Postgres SQL as well)
  27. 7,798 downloads
    vss (0.1.9) A simple vector space search engine with tf*idf ranking.
  28. 1,330 downloads
    vstudioide (0.1.0) A Ruby library for parsing Visual Studio file formats.
  29. 999 downloads
    vtapi (0.2.0) gem for VirusTotal Public API version2.0.
  30. 574 downloads
    vtd_xml (0.0.6-java) I like VTD-XML so I use this instead of standard XML parsers