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  1. 1,448 downloads
    vagrant-protobox (0.0.2) The official command line helper.
  2. 266 downloads
    vagrant-provider (0.1.0) Vagrant plugin for provider swapping
  3. 270 downloads
    vagrant-provisioner-tachyon (1.0.0) A vagrant provisioner for tachyon
  4. 1,213 downloads
    vagrant-proxmox (0.0.6) Enables Vagrant to manage virtual machines on a Proxmox server.
  5. 805 downloads
    vagrant-proxy (0.0.1) A plugin to proxy HTTP requests made by the Vagrant provisioner, using the TBD proxy kit.
  6. 22,300 downloads
    vagrant-proxyconf (1.4.0) A Vagrant plugin that configures the virtual machine to use proxy servers
  7. 2,746 downloads
    vagrant-proxyssh (0.2.0) Makes it possible to use 'ssh' to login to a Vagrant VM, without adding multiple fake hosts to ~/...
  8. 4,743 downloads
    vagrant-puppetconf (0.2.2) Vagrant plugin which allows manipulation of puppet.conf from VagrantFile
  9. 655 downloads
    vagrant-puppet-fact-generator (0.1.1) Vagrant plugin that allows other plugins to generate custom facts for provisioning.
  10. 2,679 downloads
    vagrant-puppet-install (2.6.0) A Vagrant plugin that ensures the desired version of Puppet is installed via the Puppet Labs pack...
  11. 278 downloads
    vagrant-puppet-library (0.1.0) A plugin to vagrant that allows running a private puppetforge (puppet-library) inside a vagrant env.
  12. 653 downloads
    vagrant-puppet-module-registry (0.2.1) Vagrant plugin to manage multiple puppet module paths.
  13. 1,053 downloads
    vagrant-puppet-scp (0.0.2) A puppet apply provisioner for Vagrant that uses SCP instead of shared directories.
  14. 278 downloads
    vagrant-pushbullet (0.0.2) Vagrant plugin that adds Pushbullet notifications
  15. 911 downloads
    vagrant-pushover (1.1.1) Vagrant plugin that adds pushover notification to your iOS/Android.
  16. 1,166 downloads
    vagrant-putty (0.0.2) A Vagrant plugin to PuTTY into a VM
  17. 407 downloads
    vagrant-r10k (0.1.1) Vagrant middleware plugin to allow you to have just a Puppetfile and manifests in your vagrant pr...
  18. 6,808 downloads
    vagrant-rackspace (0.1.9) Enables Vagrant to manage machines in RackSpace Cloud.
  19. 1,733 downloads
    vagrant-rake (0.1.0) A Vagrant plugin to execute `rake` commands from the host in the VM
  20. 1,084 downloads
    vagrant-rake-fork (0.2.0) A Vagrant plugin to execute `rake` commands from the host in the VM
  21. 948 downloads
    vagrant-rbvmomi (1.8.1) Ruby interface to the VMware vSphere API - Vagrant edition
  22. 705 downloads
    vagrant-rdp (0.6.0) With this plugin, you can connect to windows VM by remote desktop connection.
  23. 1,647 downloads
    vagrant-recipe (0.1.3) Vagrant plugin to execute chef recipes
  24. 2,635 downloads
    vagrant-rekey-ssh (0.1.8) Automatically secure vagrant boxes with a randomly generated SSH key
  25. 737 downloads
    vagrant-reload (0.0.1) Enables reloading a vagrant VM as a provisioning step.
  26. 255 downloads
    vagrant-remote-forward (0.0.1) Add remote forward ports from the box to the host
  27. 874 downloads
    vagrant-rightscale (0.1.3) Provision your vagrant boxes using RightScale ServerTemplates.
  28. 1,326 downloads
    vagrant-rightscaleshim (1.0.2) Allows RightScale ServerTemplate development to be performed primarily within Vagrant
  29. 552 downloads
    vagrant-route53 (0.0.10) Delete Route53 record associated to the EC2 node when destroying Vagrant VM using AWS provider.
  30. 2,709 downloads
    vagrant-rspec-ci (1.0.1) vagrant-rspec-ci is a Vagrant 1.2.x plugin for running tests against your VMs, derived from vagra...