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  1. 943 downloads
    w (0.0.0) tbd
  2. 1,544 downloads
    w1temp (0.0.4) Read the temperature on a Raspberry Pi using a 1-wire temperature sensor!
  3. 22,710 downloads
    w2tags (0.9.69) w2tags is the way to tags, a short cut / macros. when it do it use some patern define in files (H...
  4. 3,376 downloads
    w32evol_ruby (0.0.4) Provides a Ruby wrapper for the w32evol obfuscation engine
  5. 1,605 downloads
    w3c_datetime (0.0.4) Deal with date and time in w3c format
  6. 24,106 downloads
    w3clove (0.8) this gem has been discontinued, from now on you should use the site_validator gem
  7. 3,304 downloads
    w3c_rspec_validators (0.2.1) Allows testing vor valid html (including html5) and css. In addition you can configure the gem to...
  8. 423,094 downloads
    w3c_validators (1.2) W3C Validators is a Ruby wrapper for the World Wide Web Consortium's online validation services.
  9. 873 downloads
    w3c-validator-to-rally (0.1.0) A gem to import W3C errors to Rally
  10. 1,179 downloads
    w3map (0.0.2) w3map is a distributed system for process OSINT. Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is an infor...
  11. 4,875 downloads
    w3m-autopagerize (1.0.3) AutoPagerize for w3m
  12. 1,336 downloads
    w3mrefe (1.0.0) an interface to the on-line ruby reference manuals by w3m and refe.
  13. 844 downloads
    w3scraper (0.0.1) Sends a file to and parses/outputs any errors.
  14. 2,507 downloads
    WAAT (1.5.0) An automated way of testing the Web Analytic tags reported to 'n' number of Web Analytic tools by...
  15. 2,375 downloads
    wa_bcms_blog (1.1.1) The Blog Module for BrowserCMS
  16. 14,597 downloads
    wackamole (0.1.4) This is a companion sinatra app for the Rackamole framework which provides for recording inte...
  17. 1,379 downloads
    wackelkoepfe (1.0.1) Wackelköpfe ist ein rundenbasiertes Würfelspiel. Die Spieler werfen jede Runde einen Würfel welch...
  18. 4,726 downloads
    wacky (0.1.5) A wiki engine for rails
  19. 801 downloads
    wacky_canvas (0.0.1) Wacky Canvas is a Rails 3 engine gem extracted from Wacky Words Friends for handling Facebook can...
  20. 784 downloads
    wacky_graph (0.1) Wacky Graph is a gem extracted from Wacky Words Friends for using the Facebook graph API.
  21. 1,721 downloads
    waddup (0.2.1) Waddup retraces your activities from arbitrary sources such as version control, issue tracking so...
  22. 18,166 downloads
    wadl (0.2.8) Ruby client for the Web Application Description Language.
  23. 2,946 downloads
    wadl_generator (0.1.2) Simple WADL Generator targeted on REST APIs with optional Apigee Flavour
  24. 974 downloads
    wadrc-bcp-scripts (0.0.6) This gem contains scripts for basic preprocessing in the Wisconsin Alzheimer's Disease Research C...
  25. 635 downloads
    waffilter (0.0.1) A gem to check for profanity
  26. 14,268 downloads
    waffle (0.6.0) Abstract flow publisher and subscriber
  27. 732 downloads
    waffle_api (0.2.0) Simple gem to make fast and cached calls to Wafflepool API
  28. 5,721 downloads
    waffleiron (0.2.3) "Waffleiron is a "semantic" non-intrusive grid system powered by SASS/SCSS. No floats, no extra c...
  29. 1,785 downloads
    wafflemix (0.0.6) Coming Soon
  30. 131 downloads
    waffles (0.0.1) SCSS Grid System.