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  1. 1,342 downloads
    waves-rspec (0.2.0) RSpec support for the Waves Framework
  2. 327 downloads
    waves-stable (2009.3.10) Open-source framework for building Ruby-based Web applications.
  3. 5,234 downloads
    WaveSwissKnife ( WSK is a command-line utility that processes WAV audio PCM files to apply audio filters, analysis...
  4. 115 downloads
    wave_to_json (0.1.0) Convert audio file in json format
  5. 3,663 downloads
    wav-file (0.0.3) Read wav file format and Edit data chunk.
  6. 2,342 downloads
    wav-mp3 (0.0.4) Easy Wav to MP3 conversion using lame
  7. 778 downloads
    wavy (0.0.5) Wavy is a templating engine for preprocessing HTML, heavily influenced by the simplicity of Sass....
  8. 3,491 downloads
    waw (0.3.1) Waw is a ruby web framework that aims at thinking the web another way. It's has been originally d...
  9. 4,061 downloads
    wax (0.9.7) WAX is a simple API for writing XML documents. It is particularly well-suited to writing large XM...
  10. 4,987 downloads
    waxeye (0.7.0) Ruby runtime for the Waxeye Parser Generator
  11. 2,994 downloads
    waxseal (0.0.7) Adds certificate stuff to your gems.
  12. 8,875 downloads
    way (1.2.0) Find partials in your Rails app easily!
  13. 293 downloads
    way2sms (0.0.2) A simple way to send sms using way2sms account
  14. 1,843 downloads
    wayback (0.3.1) A Ruby interface to the's Wayback Machine JSON and Memento APIs.
  15. 854 downloads
    wayback_archiver (0.0.7) Send URLs to Wayback Machine. From: sitemap, file or single URL.
  16. 2,620 downloads
    wayfarer (0.3.6) Smart menus for Rails.
  17. 1,574 downloads
    wayfinder (0.0.5) Wayfinder assumes you'll keep your character described in yaml following a set of conventions, al...
  18. 146 downloads
    waylon (0.0.0) Waylon is a dashboard to display the status of your Jenkins builds.
  19. 481 downloads
    wayneeseguin-dynamic_reports (0.0.4) Dynamic Ruby Reporting Engine with support for Charts.
  20. 4,188 downloads
    wayneeseguin-rvm (0.0.47) Manages Ruby interpreter installations and switching between them.
  21. 1,336 downloads
    wayne-friendly (0.5.1) Fork of Friendly. Uses the C extension variant of the JSON gem instead of the pure ruby one.
  22. 1,285 downloads
    wayne_uniquify (0.1.0) trial run at gemcutter
  23. 460 downloads
    waypoints-rails (0.1) jquery-waypoints support for Rails
  24. 2,012 downloads
    ways-and-means (0.0.3) Sinatra routes and Sinatra settings through configuration data, hash or yaml file
  25. 158 downloads
    waysms (0.0.1) A simple, way2sms application that enables you send message through Way2sms
  26. 3,097 downloads
    waz-blobs (0.1.1) Client library for Windows Azure's Blob Storage Service's REST API
  27. 5,660 downloads
    waz-cmd (0.4.2) This gem allows you to perform most of the available operations in the Windows Azure Service Mana...
  28. 1,703 downloads
    waz-queues (0.1.0) Client library for Windows Azure's Queue Storage Service's REST API
  29. 41,715 downloads
    waz-storage (1.3.6) A simple implementation of Windows Azure Storage API for Ruby, inspired by the S3 gems and self e...
  30. 10,136 downloads
    waz-sync ( A simple client library aim to sync assets to Windows Azure CDN, using a modified version of the ...