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  1. 2,099 downloads
    webdriver-firefox (0.0.15) Lockless Support for Webdriver and Firefox
  2. 45,121 downloads
    webdriver-user-agent (7.1) A helper gem to emulate populate device user agents and resolutions when using webdriver
  3. 803 downloads
    webdriver-user-agent-randomizer (0.0.1) A helper gem to emulate random generated web browser user agents when using webdriver
  4. 1,663 downloads
    web_dump ( Saves and Retrieves data given an URI. The filename will be automatically choosed using that URI ...
  5. 8,923 downloads
    webee (0.3.7) Abiquo API Ruby Implementation
  6. 1,879 downloads
    webern (0.4.1) Transforms user input into a complete 12-tone row and computes all 48 (at most) possible rows tha...
  7. 782 downloads
    web-ex-events (1.0.2) Allows fetching and parsing WebEx events through the WebEx API. Events can be queried and convert...
  8. 4,053 downloads
    web-facter (0.1.2) Daemon which serves information from the facter gem as JSON over HTTP
  9. 1,832 downloads
    webfeed (0.0.3) Read feeds from all around the world and publish them within your website
  10. 4,075 downloads
    webfinger (1.0.0) Ruby WebFinger client library
  11. 1,165 downloads
    webfinger-jrd (0.0.2) A WebFinger JRD DSL
  12. 1,084 downloads
    web_fixtures (0.1.0) WebFixtures lets you easily generate fixture files for web service responses
  13. 828 downloads
    webflow (0.0.1) Tool to build guided wizards in a Rails application
  14. 1,413 downloads
    web_font (0.0.7) Download web fonts
  15. 39,812 downloads
    webfontloader (1.5.3) WebFont Loader gives you added control when using linked fonts via `@font-face`. It provides a co...
  16. 3,230 downloads
    webfontspecimen (0.4) A Compass port of Nice Web Type's (Tim Brown) Web Font Specimen tool
  17. 1,108 downloads
    webformsmvp ( Web Forms MVP is a simple Model-View-Presenter framework for ASP.NET Web Forms to aid in bui...
  18. 1,129 downloads
    webformsmvp-unity ( Web Forms MVP is a simple Model-View-Presenter framework for ASP.NET Web Forms to aid in bui...
  19. 1,065 downloads
    webformsmvp-windsor ( Web Forms MVP is a simple Model-View-Presenter framework for ASP.NET Web Forms to aid in bui...
  20. 5,946 downloads
    webfx (0.0.8) Minimal, RESTful, json, sinatra-inspired framework.
  21. 61,644 downloads
    webgen (1.2.1) webgen is used to generate static websites from templates and content files (which can be written...
  22. 348 downloads
    webgen-content_processor_emoticon-bundle (1.0.0) This bundle adds a content processor for converting text emoticons into image emoticons. Several ...
  23. 377 downloads
    webgen-font_awesome-bundle (1.0.0) This webgen extension bundle provides the Font Awesome icon font and the needed Sass files for us...
  24. 353 downloads
    webgen-sass_twitter_bootstrap-bundle (1.0.0) This webgen extension bundle provides the Sass port of the Twitter Bootstrap framework. It allows...
  25. 479 downloads
    webgen-templates-bundle (1.0.0) This webgen extension bundle provides 10+ website templates that can be used when creating a new ...
  26. 359 downloads
    webgen-tipue_search-bundle (1.0.0) Tipue Search is a site search engine which uses jQuery. It can use a pre-built search index to pr...
  27. 389 downloads
    webgen-zurb_foundation-bundle (1.0.0) This webgen extension bundle provides the ZURB Foundation framework. It allows the easy inclusion...
  28. 1,222 downloads
    webget_commander (1.0.1) WebGet commander gemp provides Ruby Kernel#commander sugar for Open4::spawn
  29. 1,195 downloads
    webget_gemini (1.2.3) WebGet Gemini: provides gem initial setup method to see if a gem is installed
  30. 2,376 downloads
    webget_netica ( WebGet Netica gem connects Ruby to Norsys Netica analytics engine using JRuby and Java.