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  1. 192 downloads
    where_are_you (0.0.1) Returns the city, state, or country for the current user using
  2. 722 downloads
    where_builder (0.0.2) a sql where string builder, can ignore nil and black string.
  3. 1,010 downloads
    where_conditioner (1.1.2) Where Conditioner allows you to write conditional `where` expressions in a DRY manner.
  4. 5,527 downloads
    whereis (1.1.4) Ruby interface to `whereis` command.
  5. 4,438 downloads
    whereistand (0.0.4) whereIstand Ruby SDK
  6. 579 downloads
    wherelink-matchers (0.0.1) Adds link matchers to RSpec for use with Capybara.
  7. 2,423 downloads
    wherelizer (0.0.5) A gem for converting pre-arel ActiveRecord queries to their non-deprecated equivalents
  8. 1,365 downloads
    where_lower (0.3.0) ActiveRecord provides no method for case insensitive version of `where` method. So here is one. N...
  9. 12,401 downloads
    whereuat (0.1.0) Adds a toolbar to your rails app that directs your clients to test stories that have been marked ...
  10. 1,550 downloads
    wherever (0.0.1) Provides syntax sugar for Ruby predicate blocks
  11. 18,499 downloads
    wherever-positions (0.5.1) Allow Store of positions by multiple keys with teh option to mark specific points in time for use...
  12. 5,309 downloads
    wherewolf (0.7.0) Wherewolf allows you to consume search terms as strings without worrying about database injection...
  13. 7,033 downloads
    wherex (1.0.8) This gem allows you to pass a Regexp as the value for any finder in ActiveRecord - Rails3 only
  14. 3,707 downloads
    which (0.0.2) Module to emulate the 'which' utility from a unix system
  15. 6,514 downloads
    which_browser (0.2.3) Which Browser adds a few helper methods to a rack request making it easier to determine which bro...
  16. 1,336 downloads
    which_command (0.0.2) ...
  17. 966 downloads
    whiches (0.0.2) Cross-platform way of finding executables in all the paths in $PATH. This is similar...
  18. 5,983 downloads
    which_osx (1.0.8) A simple ruby program for returning the version number of the current Mac OS X system.
  19. 18,559 downloads
    whichr (0.3.6) windows friendly which command
  20. 3,601 downloads
    which_ruby (0.0.3) which_ruby is a simple helper for checking running Ruby engine
  21. 766 downloads
    which_twitter (0.0.2) some description
  22. 4,351 downloads
    which_works (1.0.2) Locates a program file in the user's path. The which method takes a list of command names and sea...
  23. 233 downloads
    whiff (0.0.1) A ruby wrapper for arp-scan. Currently, returns an array of MAC addresses.
  24. 2,589 downloads
    whiny_attr_accessible (0.1.0) Make attr_accessible and attr_protected throw exceptions in non-production mode, yo.
  25. 1,348 downloads
    whiny_destruction (0.0.1) Adds a destroy! method to ActiveRecord that raises an error if the destroy fails
  26. 5,237 downloads
    whiny_hash (0.0.2) A Hash that complains a lot -- used to simplify optional parameters. WhinyHash instances raise er...
  27. 16,869 downloads
    whiny-mass-assignment (0.2.2) Complain loudly when protected attributes are set through mass assignment.
  28. 2,397 downloads
    whiny_rendering (0.1.1) Add a helper that will be explicitly whiny about what templates and/or partials are being rendered.
  29. 3,702 downloads
    whinytasks (0.1.0) WhinyTasks is sort of like ExceptionMailer but specifically designed for rake tasks that run in t...
  30. 1,852 downloads
    whiny_validation (0.1.1) When an ActiveRecord model won't save because it's invalid, this gem writes the validation error ...