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  1. 105 downloads
    where_was_i (0.0.1) Given a GPX file and a time reference, return a location.
  2. 5,437 downloads
    wherewolf (0.7.0) Wherewolf allows you to consume search terms as strings without worrying about database injection...
  3. 7,153 downloads
    wherex (1.0.8) This gem allows you to pass a Regexp as the value for any finder in ActiveRecord - Rails3 only
  4. 3,859 downloads
    which (0.0.2) Module to emulate the 'which' utility from a unix system
  5. 6,663 downloads
    which_browser (0.2.3) Which Browser adds a few helper methods to a rack request making it easier to determine which bro...
  6. 1,355 downloads
    which_command (0.0.2) ...
  7. 997 downloads
    whiches (0.0.2) Cross-platform way of finding executables in all the paths in $PATH. This is similar...
  8. 6,130 downloads
    which_osx (1.0.8) A simple ruby program for returning the version number of the current Mac OS X system.
  9. 18,872 downloads
    whichr (0.3.6) windows friendly which command
  10. 3,650 downloads
    which_ruby (0.0.3) which_ruby is a simple helper for checking running Ruby engine
  11. 803 downloads
    which_twitter (0.0.2) some description
  12. 4,578 downloads
    which_works (1.0.2) Locates a program file in the user's path. The which method takes a list of command names and sea...
  13. 252 downloads
    whiff (0.0.1) A ruby wrapper for arp-scan. Currently, returns an array of MAC addresses.
  14. 738 downloads
    whimsy-asf (0.0.6) This package contains a set of classes which encapsulate access to a number of data sourc...
  15. 2,625 downloads
    whiny_attr_accessible (0.1.0) Make attr_accessible and attr_protected throw exceptions in non-production mode, yo.
  16. 1,365 downloads
    whiny_destruction (0.0.1) Adds a destroy! method to ActiveRecord that raises an error if the destroy fails
  17. 5,286 downloads
    whiny_hash (0.0.2) A Hash that complains a lot -- used to simplify optional parameters. WhinyHash instances raise er...
  18. 17,038 downloads
    whiny-mass-assignment (0.2.2) Complain loudly when protected attributes are set through mass assignment.
  19. 2,431 downloads
    whiny_rendering (0.1.1) Add a helper that will be explicitly whiny about what templates and/or partials are being rendered.
  20. 3,748 downloads
    whinytasks (0.1.0) WhinyTasks is sort of like ExceptionMailer but specifically designed for rake tasks that run in t...
  21. 2,150 downloads
    whiny_validation (0.1.1) When an ActiveRecord model won't save because it's invalid, this gem writes the validation error ...
  22. 2,068 downloads
    whiplash_api (0.1.1) Ruby Gem for connecting to the Whiplash Merchandising API
  23. 1,932 downloads
    whipped-cream (0.1.1) HTTP topping for Raspberry Pi
  24. 1,584 downloads
    whirl (0.0.4) A watered-down task runner pre-wired with Redis. Built with Heroku Cedar in mind.
  25. 7,090 downloads
    whirlwind (0.1.8) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  26. 10,240 downloads
    whisk (0.3.1) A simple Chef cookbook dependency manager
  27. 1,188 downloads
    whisk_deploy (0.6.26) Opinionated gem for doing fast git-based server deployments.
  28. 504 downloads
    whiskey (1.0.0) A simple MUTE Engine
  29. 64,339 downloads
    whiskey_disk (0.6.24) Opinionated gem for doing fast git-based server deployments.
  30. 586 downloads
    whisky (0.0.1) Whisky is a micro-framework built upon Rack.