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  1. 1,102 downloads
    wildsonet-hazelcast (0.0.5-java) Hazelcast integration and surrounding features.
  2. 1,050 downloads
    wildsonet-mongodb (2.3.0) MongoDB library packed as gem
  3. 968 downloads
    wildsonet-netty ( The Netty project is an effort to provide an asynchronous event-driven network application framew...
  4. 6,167 downloads
    wildsonet-server (0.2.6-java) Server backend for Wildsonet on top of Netty library
  5. 2,085 downloads
    wildsonet-streamer (0.0.2-java) Simple way to stream data to client's browsers
  6. 1,800 downloads
    willb-mazegen (0.1.0) Simple PDF maze generator, based on spanning trees. Can generate one or many mazes of different ...
  7. 1,488 downloads
    willbryant-scruffy (0.2.16) Scruffy is a Ruby library for generating high quality, good looking graphs. It is designed to be ...
  8. 12,493 downloads
    will_cache (0.0.9) WillCache provides simple API for caching ActiveRecord objects that uses ActiveSupport Cache Stor...
  9. 23,379 downloads
    will_filter (3.1.11) will_filter is a powerful customizable framework for filtering active_record models.
  10. 1,586 downloads
    william (0.3.2) William is a DSL to interact with your server via SSH
  11. 623 downloads
    williamhill (0.0.1) A Ruby wrapper for the William Hill API
  12. 2,272 downloads
    will_it_dial (1.0.1) Used to validate phone numbers that customers enter. It will detect numb...
  13. 2,130 downloads
    will_mostly_paginate (2.4.3) The will_mostly_paginate library is a fork of the will_paginate gem with one extra trick...
  14. 1,284 downloads
    willnet_ssl_requirement (0.1.1) SSL requirement adds a declarative way of specifying that certain actions should only be allowed ...
  15. 835 downloads
    willow (0.0.0) Willow is a slender system for generating static websites.
  16. 5,870,128 downloads
    will_paginate (3.0.5) will_paginate provides a simple API for performing paginated queries with Active Record, DataMapp...
  17. 179,992 downloads
    will_paginate-bootstrap (1.0.0) This gem integrates the Twitter Bootstrap pagination component with the will_paginate pagination ...
  18. 353 downloads
    will_paginate-bootstrap-large (0.0.1) This gem integrates the Twitter Bootstrap [LARGE]pagination component with the will_paginate pagi...
  19. 31,333 downloads
    will_paginate_couchrest (0.3.1) generate views specifically with support for using will_paginate with them
  20. 2,328 downloads
    will_paginate-foundation (5.3.3) This gem integrates the Foundation pagination component with the will_paginate pagination gem. Su...
  21. 28,376 downloads
    will-paginate-i18n (0.1.14) Translations for the will_paginate gem
  22. 44,270 downloads
    will_paginate_mongoid (2.0.1) An extension that becomes possible use paginate method with Mongoid
  23. 1,003 downloads
    will_paginate_page_options (0.0.1) Page options for will_paginate
  24. 1,893 downloads
    will_paginate-rails3 (3.0.pre) The will_paginate library provides a simple, yet powerful and extensible API for pagination and r...
  25. 7,170 downloads
    will_paginate_renderers (0.0.3) A collection of renderers for use with will_paginate.
  26. 3,734 downloads
    will_paginate_twitter_bootstrap (1.0.0) Make will_paginate and Bootstrap, from Twitter work together.
  27. 332 downloads
    will_paginate-without-text (0.0.1) This gem integrates the Twitter Bootstrap pagination component with the will_paginate pagination ...
  28. 6,736 downloads
    will_paypal (0.1.2) Paypal NVP API Class.
  29. 9,964 downloads
    will_pickdate (1.0.0) Ruby gem wrapping will_pickdate javascript widget giving support for rails datetime_select to ren...
  30. 4,702 downloads
    will_scan_string (0.1.2) Gem for string replacements using multiple regular expressions in a single pass.