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  1. 36,742 downloads
    win32-sapi (0.1.7) The win32-sapi library provides an interface to the MS Windows sound interface, otherwise...
  2. 139,729 downloads
    win32screenshot (1.0.10) Capture Screenshots on Windows with Ruby to bmp, gif, jpg or png formats.
  3. 38,982 downloads
    win32-security (0.2.5) The win32-security library provides an interface for dealing with security related aspect...
  4. 12,166 downloads
    win32-semaphore (0.4.2) The win32-semaphore library provides an interface to semaphore objects on MS Windows. A s...
  5. 143,738 downloads
    win32-service (0.8.5) The win32-service library provides a Ruby interface to services on MS Windows. You can cr...
  6. 12,162 downloads
    win32_service_manager (0.1.3) A simple wrapper around Win32::Service to present a more 'God' ( like i...
  7. 17,718 downloads
    win32-shortcut (0.2.4) The win32-shortcut library provides an interface for creating new Windows shortcuts or qu...
  8. 35,830 downloads
    win32-sound (0.6.0) The win32-sound library provides an interface for playing various sounds on MS Windows op...
  9. 1,261 downloads
    win32-symlink (0.1.1) Symlink functions for Windows (Vista and above)
  10. 31,606 downloads
    win32-taskscheduler (0.3.1) The win32-taskscheduler library provides an interface to the MS Windows Task Scheduler. W...
  11. 6,369 downloads
    win32-thread (0.0.3) The win32-thread library is and experimental library for native threads on MS Windows...
  12. 2,733 downloads
    win32-window (0.1.0.pre) A Ruby library to work with Microsoft Windows' Win32 window management APIs, including se...
  13. 6,247 downloads
    winch (0.0.5) * Winch, when you need to have some more control over the data that ActiveResource loads.
  14. 2,752 downloads
    winci (0.0.3) Implements full continuous deployment pipeline the Agile way with Jenkins/Hudson continuous integ...
  15. 2,723 downloads
    winci-updater (0.0.3) Introduces Agile technologies into provisioning process by keeping it integrated with Continuous ...
  16. 696 downloads
    WinCommon (0.0.3) Library for commonly used Windows constants, data types, typedefs, structures and functions.
  17. 865 downloads
    windbag (0.0.1) Windbag is the event notification system extracted from MLG Starcraft Arena
  18. 1,011 downloads
    windcharger (0.3.0) Small library to easily make objects that transform input via many methods.
  19. 6,130 downloads
    winding-polygon (0.0.14) Use Bentley-Ottmann algorithm to solve self-intersecting polygon issue
  20. 825 downloads
    windirs (0.0.3) Handy ways for dealing with directory paths when you are not sure what platfor...
  21. 2,509 downloads
    windmill (0.9.1) Basic Ruby Windmill client so it's easy to integrate with for example Cucumber features.
  22. 1,079 downloads
    window_blessing (0.0.4) Forget curses. Try blessings. WindowBlessing is an evented, windowing framework for terminal apps.
  23. 19,640 downloads
    window_rails (0.2.12) Windows for Rails
  24. 1,015 downloads
    windows (0.0.1) Manage operating system windows
  25. 364,527 downloads
    windows-api (0.4.2) The windows-api library provides features over and above the basic interface provided by ...
  26. 2,533 downloads
    windows_backport_process_spawn (0.1.1) Process.spawn for 1.8.6
  27. 1,620 downloads
    windows_chef_zero (2.0.0) A Test-Kitchen Chef Zero provisioner for Windows
  28. 8,498 downloads
    windows_csv (0.0.8) A framework to write Windows CSV files.
  29. 3,662 downloads
    windows_ionice (0.1.1) A command that helps windows run faster by punshing resource hogging processes (cpu/disk)
  30. 1,013 downloads
    windows_live_admin (1.0.2) Ruby wrapper of the Windows Live Admin API to manage domains, users and services (eg. emails) hos...