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  1. 2,370 downloads
    will_mostly_paginate (2.4.3) The will_mostly_paginate library is a fork of the will_paginate gem with one extra trick...
  2. 318 downloads
    willnet-amazon-ecs (0.5.6) Generic Amazon E-commerce Service (ECS) REST API. Supports ECS 4.0.
  3. 1,735 downloads
    willnet_ssl_requirement (0.1.1) SSL requirement adds a declarative way of specifying that certain actions should only be allowed ...
  4. 964 downloads
    willow (0.0.0) Willow is a slender system for generating static websites.
  5. 6,947,098 downloads
    will_paginate (3.0.7) will_paginate provides a simple API for performing paginated queries with Active Record, DataMapp...
  6. 268,385 downloads
    will_paginate-bootstrap (1.0.1) This gem integrates the Twitter Bootstrap pagination component with the will_paginate pagination ...
  7. 483 downloads
    will_paginate-bootstrap-large (0.0.1) This gem integrates the Twitter Bootstrap [LARGE]pagination component with the will_paginate pagi...
  8. 34,238 downloads
    will_paginate_couchrest (0.3.1) generate views specifically with support for using will_paginate with them
  9. 5,216 downloads
    will_paginate-foundation (5.3.4) This gem integrates the Foundation pagination component with the will_paginate pagination gem. Su...
  10. 38,222 downloads
    will-paginate-i18n (0.1.15) Translations for the will_paginate gem
  11. 60,903 downloads
    will_paginate_mongoid (2.0.1) An extension that becomes possible use paginate method with Mongoid
  12. 1,232 downloads
    will_paginate_page_options (0.0.1) Page options for will_paginate
  13. 1,926 downloads
    will_paginate-rails3 (3.0.pre) The will_paginate library provides a simple, yet powerful and extensible API for pagination and r...
  14. 7,889 downloads
    will_paginate_renderers (0.0.3) A collection of renderers for use with will_paginate.
  15. 66 downloads
    will_paginate_seo (3.0.4) only difference with mislav's will_paginate is that *?page=1* parameter is removed from first pag...
  16. 3,934 downloads
    will_paginate_twitter_bootstrap (1.0.0) Make will_paginate and Bootstrap, from Twitter work together.
  17. 473 downloads
    will_paginate-without-text (0.0.1) This gem integrates the Twitter Bootstrap pagination component with the will_paginate pagination ...
  18. 7,113 downloads
    will_paypal (0.1.2) Paypal NVP API Class.
  19. 12,827 downloads
    will_pickdate (1.0.0) Ruby gem wrapping will_pickdate javascript widget giving support for rails datetime_select to ren...
  20. 5,488 downloads
    will_scan_string (0.1.2) Gem for string replacements using multiple regular expressions in a single pass.
  21. 3,862 downloads
    WillsItunesProject (1.0.2) Reads itunes data from itunes library XML files and provides useful information regarding the da...
  22. 1,895 downloads
    will_sortate (0.0.2) WillSortate is a sorting engine for Rails 3, useful to give your views the power to sort collections
  23. 2,166 downloads
    will_toggle (0.0.3) This gem will toggle page content, based on the current state of a check button.
  24. 5,177 downloads
    wilson (1.1.1) Wilson is a pure ruby x86 assembler. No, really. Worst Idea Evar. Why "wilson"? I want...
  25. 538 downloads
    wilson_interval (0.1.0) Makes it super easy to calculate Wilson confidence intervals.
  26. 1,840 downloads
    wilson_score (0.1.0) Simple, dependency-free Wilson score
  27. 274 downloads
    wimp (1.0.0) Ruby bindings for WiMP
  28. 32,403 downloads
    win (0.3.27) Rubyesque interfaces and wrappers for Windows API functions pre-defined using FFI
  29. 1,456 downloads
    win32-activate (0.0.1) activate window by process id
  30. 597,249 downloads
    win32-api (1.4.8) The Win32::API library is meant as a replacement for the Win32API library that ships as p...