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  1. 1,234 downloads
    winner (0.0.1) i am waiting to upload this
  2. 10,505 downloads
    winnie (0.0.10) Command line tool which allows interacting with winnie's API
  3. 168 downloads
    winningest (0.0.1) gem install winningest
  4. 357 downloads
    winnow (0.0.1) A tiny Ruby library that implements Winnowing, an algorithm for documen...
  5. 738 downloads
    win-path-utils (0.2.0) Provides an API to add and remove values from Windows' system PATH variable
  6. 2,428 downloads
    winprofile (0.0.3) This Gem allows you to manage Windows roving profiles stored on your servers
  7. 513,788 downloads
    winrm (1.2.0) Ruby library for Windows Remote Management
  8. 3,127 downloads
    winrm-cli (0.0.4) A WinRM Command Line Application
  9. 4,008 downloads
    winrm-s (0.2.0) Gem that extends the functionality of the WinRM gem to support the Microsoft Negotiate protocol w...
  10. 2,290 downloads
    win-service (0.1.1) A ruby gem that will allow the basic functions of getting the status, stopping and st...
  11. 308 downloads
    win-service-manager (1.0) Create, configure, and manage Windows services from Ruby
  12. 2,473 downloads
    winsize (2.0.0) winsize adds 2 methods: winsize and winsize= to IO that allows you to control the size of a tty w...
  13. 705 downloads
    winsome_wolverine (0.0.1) Library and DSL to process log files with a pipe-and-filter architecture
  14. 4,692 downloads
    winstone (0.3.3) Gem wrapper for winstone server.
  15. 2,761 downloads
    winston_mongodb_rails (0.1.0) This allows many applications to log to a shared mongodb logger. It is useful, if you have many s...
  16. 1,775 downloads
    winter (0.1.0) Application and configuration bundler for OSGi apps.
  17. 527 downloads
    winterfell (1.0.0) Allows your ruby code to know whether the winter is coming or not?
  18. 1,750 downloads
    winton-active_wrapper (0.2.0) Wraps ActiveRecord and Logger for use in non-Rails environments
  19. 471 downloads
    winton-acts_as_archive (0.1.3) Don't delete your records, move them to a different table
  20. 627 downloads
    winton-acts_as_relationable (1.1) A Rails plugin that allows you to create habtm :through relationships across multiple models usin...
  21. 324 downloads
    winton-admin (1.0.2) An instant Admin for your Rails app
  22. 488 downloads
    winton-app_helpers (1.0.2) A collection of useful Rails application helpers and rake tasks
  23. 317 downloads
    winton-attachment_fu (1.0.6) Treat an ActiveRecord model as a file attachment, storing its patch, size, content type, etc.
  24. 491 downloads
    winton-authentication (1.0.2) A rails plugin that handles authentication
  25. 169 downloads
    winton-background_cache (0.1.1) Generate caches before your users do (with Rails and cache_fu)
  26. 1,404 downloads
    winton-captcha (1.2.1) A Google-style captcha for enterprise Rails apps
  27. 794 downloads
    winton-cookbook (1.1.0) Turns a fresh Debian server into an autonomous Nginx/Rails/PHP stack using purely Capistrano
  28. 1,427 downloads
    winton-externals (1.0.2) Quickly freeze and unfreeze external git dependencies
  29. 331 downloads
    winton-fetcher (0.1.2) download email from POP3 or IMAP and do stuff with it. gemified fork
  30. 625 downloads
    winton-rails_widget (1.1) Allows you to group your client-side assets into distributable widgets