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  1. 138 downloads
    wireframe-notify_if_invalid (0.1.0) notify exception monitoring system when model object is invalid
  2. 2,855 downloads
    wireframe-rack-bug ( Debugging toolbar for Rack applications implemented as middleware
  3. 534 downloads
    wireframe-rails3_acts_as_paranoid (0.0.4a) Active Record (>=3.0) plugin which allows you to hide and restore records without actually deleti...
  4. 931 downloads
    wireframe-resque_unit ( Test::Unit support for resque job queueing
  5. 11,552 downloads
    wireframe-rpm_contrib ( Community contributed instrumentation for various frameworks based on the New Relic Ruby monitori...
  6. 1,623 downloads
    wireframe-sass-rails ( Sass adapter for the Rails asset pipeline.
  7. 546 downloads
    wireio (0.0.1) Gem to consume WireIO rest api
  8. 1,302 downloads
    wireless_model (0.1.1) Use models indifferently through either active record or active resource
  9. 4,693 downloads
    wirer (0.5.2) A lightweight dependency injection framework to help wire up objects in Ruby
  10. 19,513 downloads
    wires (0.6.2) A lightweight, extensible asynchronous event routing framework in Ruby.
  11. 455 downloads
    wires-cluster (0.0.1) Wires extension gem for firing and receiving events between Ruby processes with UDP multicasts.
  12. 510 downloads
    wires-icalendar (0.0.0) Wires extension gem for integration with icalendar events.
  13. 920 downloads
    wires-inotify (0.9.0) Wires extension gem to integrate with inotify via rb-inotify.
  14. 808 downloads
    wires-ircbot (0.1.1) Wires extension gem for creating flexible, dynamic IRC bots.
  15. 4,800 downloads
    wires-test (0.2.2) Testing convenience gem for the wires framework.
  16. 3,881 downloads
    wiretap (0.11) WireTap driver
  17. 2,744 downloads
    wire_tap (0.0.3) Rack middleware that logs API calls made to a file for documentation. This gem is being developed...
  18. 963 downloads
    wire_transfer (0.0.3) Add capability to generate belgian structured communication for wire transfer from any number.
  19. 7,486 downloads
    wiringpi (1.1.0) WiringPi library wrapper for the Raspberry Pi only. Wraps up the Arduino wiring-like WiringPi lib...
  20. 1,028 downloads
    wiringpi2 (2.0.1) WiringPi library wrapper for the Raspberry Pi only. Wraps up version 2.x of the Arduino wiring-li...
  21. 9,043 downloads
    wiscale (0.2.1) Ruby Wrapper for Withings Wifi Scale API
  22. 3,973 downloads
    wise (0.1.3) A set of ruby bindings for communicating with the Machine Learning as a Service platform.
  23. 1,327 downloads
    wisebedclientruby (0.0.50) Ruby gem to access the wisebed API via REST and websockets
  24. 35,828 downloads
    wiselinks (1.2.1) Wiselinks makes following links and submitting some forms in your web application smarter and faster
  25. 2,310 downloads
    wiseml-ruby (0.0.3) Ruby implementation of WiseML
  26. 1,718 downloads
    wise_omf (0.9.4) This gem provides helpers for working with the testbed runtime via the OMF (Orbit Measurement Fra...
  27. 31,965 downloads
    wisepdf (1.4.0) Wisepdf uses the shell utility wkhtmltopdf to serve a PDF file to a user from HTML. In other word...
  28. 4,111 downloads
    wiser_date (0.3.0) Gorgeous real-time date display plugin
  29. 3,537 downloads
    wiserespond (1.0.1) With wiserespond you can easily setup your controllers to respond to :html and :js content types.
  30. 675 downloads
    wiser_sms (0.1.2) Medium Rare Outgoing SMS