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  1. 1,026 downloads
    word-tokens (0.0.1) Generates tokens consisting of readable words from your system dictionary
  2. 648 downloads
    word-to-markdown (0.2.0) Ruby Gem to convert Word documents to markdown.
  3. 1,824 downloads
    word_up (0.0.4) Language analysis tool
  4. 580 downloads
    word_wrap (0.1.2) As simple as it gets CLI tool for word-wrapping plain-text. You can als...
  5. 780 downloads
    word_wrapper (0.5.0) Word wrapping implementation in ruby. Includes a naive greedy algorithm (fast) and Knuth's minimu...
  6. 2,436 downloads
    wordy (1.1.0) Written to help us create sample data for our applications, Wordy speaks in lorem ipsum. You can ...
  7. 5,348 downloads
    wordy-ruby (0.3.0) Ruby library to access the Wordy API
  8. 6,746 downloads
    wordze (0.2.2) API wrapper
  9. 1,870 downloads
    work (0.2.0) Anti-procrastination via hosts file manipulation.
  10. 1,367 downloads
    workaholic (0.0.1) Parallel job runner
  11. 839 downloads
    workaholic-cron (0.0.4) A simple gem to find cron jobs that have been running for long time
  12. 437 downloads
    workarounds (0.0.1) A gem to help you work around issues your Ruby hasn't fixed yet.
  13. 4,061 downloads
    workbench (0.4.1) Workbench strikes to reach a better balance between easy-to-read factory builders, ease of use, a...
  14. 13,188 downloads
    work-bench (1.0.12) A quick and simple local web server for prototyping web applications with HAML, SASS and Compass ...
  15. 7,512 downloads
    workbook (0.4.7) Workbook contains workbooks, as in a table, contains rows, contains cells, reads/writes excel, od...
  16. 607 downloads
    work_days (0.0.3) Calculate the number of business days in a given period. Also, add convenience methods to Range,...
  17. 2,334 downloads
    worked (0.2.0) Worked is really the simplest time recording (or tracking, whatever term you prefer) application ...
  18. 2,199 downloads
    worker (0.1.1) Worker is a database queue for small applications. You can easily create workers, add jobs to the...
  19. 303 downloads
    worker-army (0.2.0) Simple redis based worker queue with a HTTP/Rest interface
  20. 705 downloads
    worker_pool (0.0.1) Simple worker pool for (synchronized) concurrent task execution
  21. 2,511 downloads
    worker_roulette (0.1.5) Write a gem description
  22. 11,291 downloads
    workers (0.2.2) Workers is a Ruby gem for performing work in background threads.
  23. 199,198 downloads
    workflow (1.1.0) Workflow is a finite-state-machine-inspired API for modeling and interacting with what we...
  24. 2,091 downloads
    workflow_kit (0.0.7) This gem provides a workflow construction kit for rails apps. Users can arrange workflow bricks i...
  25. 1,592 downloads
    workflow_manager (0.1.0) Workflow Manager manages job submissions using dRuby.
  26. 19,843 downloads
    workflow_on_mongoid ( Lets you use the Workflow gem with your Mongoid documents to add state machine functionality.
  27. 299 downloads
    workflow-rails4 (1.1.0) Workflow is a finite-state-machine-inspired API for modeling and interacting with what we...
  28. 896 downloads
    workflow_sequel_adapter (0.0.1) workflow_sequel_adapter is a persistence adapter for the Workflow gem. All you do is include this...
  29. 5,931 downloads
    workflow-to-galaxy (0.3.5) This script acquires information for a taverna 2 workflow from myExperiment (or from a file) and ...
  30. 6,380 downloads
    workforce (0.3.0) Workforce is an attempt to create a framework to develop background processes and controlling the...