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  1. 894 downloads
    wando_grid (0.0.2) organize a extjs grid that you can load data from rails
  2. 3,696 downloads
    wanew_client_validate (0.0.16) Client Validate mainly appiled for WaNew Engine in the browser client side validate utils
  3. 5,553 downloads
    wanew-client-validate (0.0.6) Client Validate mainly appiled for WaNew Engine in the browser client side validate utils
  4. 2,586 downloads
    wangiry (0.0.5) call telephone and cancel after several seconds(say WAN GIRI in Japan)
  5. 3,768 downloads
    wanikani (1.0) Use WaniKani's ( API in your Ruby applications
  6. 895 downloads
    wankel (0.3.0) A JSON parser that enables streaming parsing and encoding of JSON
  7. 1,481 downloads
    wannabeparser (0.1.0) Library for parsing xml to ruby hashes by input, selecting only specified tag contents
  8. 1,492 downloads
    wants (1.0.1) Parse and query the HTTP Accept header
  9. 5,685 downloads
    wapiti (0.1.1) This gem provides a Ruby API for Conditional Random Fields (CRF).
  10. 1,336 downloads
    wapl (0.1) Library and helper for communicating with Architect web service, more information: htt...
  11. 5,199 downloads
    wappalyzer_rb (0.0.6) This is merely a port of the javascript parts of Wappalyzer extension for Firefox and Chrome. It ...
  12. 996 downloads
    war (0.0.1) Plain ruby corewar implementation
  13. 428 downloads
    wara (1.1.2) Wara generate a scapegoat for objects of CoreData. You are using CoreDate, if you want to change...
  14. 347,192 downloads
    warbler (1.4.4) Warbler is a gem to make a Java jar or war file out of any Ruby, Rails, or Rack application. Warb...
  15. 2,915 downloads
    warbler-exec (0.1.1) This utility allows you to execute commands with the context of a Warbler WAR file
  16. 848 downloads
    warc (1.0.1) warc is a pure ruby implementation of Web ARChive file reader and writer
  17. 5,979 downloads
    warcards (0.0.7) An addictive game of War! to help slog through flash-card memorization
  18. 9,200 downloads
    warchat (0.0.10) A simple interface to World of Warcraft Remote Guild Chat in Ruby. Supports whispers, guild chat...
  19. 672 downloads
    warchiver (1.1.0) A simple web archiving library for Ruby.
  20. 17,528 downloads
    warcorrespondent (0.2.9) warcorrespondent collects data and reports it back to warroom.
  21. 2,590 downloads
    warcraft-armory (0.1.1) The warcraft-armory gem allows your ruby application to easily access information from the World ...
  22. 1,320 downloads
    ward (0.1.0) Object validation inspired by RSpec.
  23. 952 downloads
    ward-chicago (0.1.1) Finds the ward and alderman for any Chicago address.
  24. 8,514,448 downloads
    warden (1.2.3) Rack middleware that provides authentication for rack applications
  25. 1,360 downloads
    warden-always-authenticate (0.0.2) Simple gem for forcing warden to authenticate.
  26. 949 downloads
    warden-bootic (0.0.1) A warden strategy for easy oauth integration with Bootic
  27. 2,631 downloads
    warden-browserid (0.8.0) Warden BrowserID strategy
  28. 5,894 downloads
    warden-client (0.1.0) Provides a blocking client for interacting with the Warden.
  29. 76,892 downloads
    warden-github (1.0.2) A warden strategy for easy oauth integration with github
  30. 3,269 downloads
    warden-github-rails (1.1.1) An easy drop in solution for rails to use GitHub authentication.