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  1. 23,494 downloads
    wuparty (1.2.6) Ruby wrapper for Wufoo's REST API v3.
  2. 11,133 downloads
    wurfl (1.3.6) Library and tools for manipulating the WURFL
  3. 5,277 downloads
    wurfl_client (0.6.0) WURFL Client is a library to do WURFL ( mobile device detection for...
  4. 406 downloads
    wurfl_cloud_client_light (1.0.0) ruby client for the Wurfl Cloud API
  5. 14,745 downloads
    wurfl_device (0.2.4) Ruby client library for mobile handset detection
  6. 11,348 downloads
    wurfl-lite (1.1.5) Simple Ruby usage of the WURFL device capabilities and features database
  7. 8,037 downloads
    wurfl-lite-middleware (1.0.7) A Rack middleware implementation of wurfl-lite
  8. 1,248 downloads
    wurfl_store (0.1.0) Wurfl Redis Store
  9. 1,866 downloads
    wurlinc-rice ( Rice is a C++ interface to Ruby's C API. It provides a type-safe and exception-safe interface in...
  10. 911 downloads
    wu_string_extend (0.0.1) the library opens up the string class and adds a method to it
  11. 483 downloads
    wutang (0.0.1) An experimental command line password manager
  12. 135 downloads
    wutangify (0.0.1) Sure you could keep the lame name your parents gave you but with the wutangify gem you don't have...
  13. 796 downloads
    wutbranch (0.0.4) Console utility to display the current branch on remote servers.
  14. 1,836 downloads
    wutiger (0.0.1) A Wu-like API wrapper with idiomatic ruby
  15. 10,624 downloads
    ww (0.4.2) Double Web, framework to build double Web server.
  16. 1,053 downloads
    wwdc (1.0.0) A command-line interface for accessing WWDC session content
  17. 6,225 downloads
    wwdcdownloader (20.14.1) At each year's WWDC, Apple releases great sample projects. Unfortunately it is very tedious to ma...
  18. 6,089 downloads
    wwine (0.3) wwine is a a wine(1) wrapper. It wraps various flavours of wine (including vanilla wine and cross...
  19. 1,303 downloads
    wwmd ( WWMD was originally intended to provide a console helper tool for conducting web application sec...
  20. 2,557 downloads
    wwood-rarff (0.2.5) Rarff is a Ruby library for dealing with Attribute-Relation File Format (ARFF) files. ARFF files ...
  21. 1,660 downloads
    wwood-reach (0.3.0) For instance, a ReachableArray of Book objects can not only take normal Array methods such as col...
  22. 630 downloads
    ww-postcodeapi (0.0.2) API wrapper for zipcode api
  23. 2,719 downloads
    WWT (0.0.3) This gem exposes the WWT remote API(or at least most of it) to ruby. It works by sending given co...
  24. 22,664 downloads
    wwtd (0.5.5) Travis simulator so you do not need to wait for the build
  25. 3,500 downloads
    www (0.0.4) A World Wide Web Application Framework
  26. 574 downloads
    www_applet (0.2.2) The ruby implementation of WWW_Applet: a simple set of rules to run JSON as mini-apps (i...
  27. 5,851 downloads
    www-delicious (0.4.0) WWW::Delicious is a API client implemented in Ruby. It provides access to all...
  28. 4,458 downloads
    www-favicon (0.0.6) find favicon url
  29. 1,425 downloads
    wwwjdic (5.2.2) This gem uses WWWJDic Backdoor Entry/API as described by
  30. 968 downloads
    www_redirect (0.0.1) Railtie providing middleware to redirect naked domain to www.