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  1. 1,195 downloads
    wp_validators (0.0.1) Currently includes a URL validator.
  2. 1,473 downloads
    wpxml_parser (0.0.1) Convenient parser that provides a clean way to interact with wordpress's XML dump file in your ru...
  3. 274 downloads
    wr0ngway-rubber (1.0.1) The rubber plugin enables relatively complex multi-instance deployments of RubyOnRails applicatio...
  4. 1,209 downloads
    wrack (0.0.4) webserver using rack
  5. 5,426 downloads
    wraith (1.3.7) Wraith is a screenshot comparison tool, created by developers at BBC News.
  6. 9,969 downloads
    wraithdb (0.0.7) WraithDB uses schema.rb as a template to initialize ActiveRecord classes when databases are offli...
  7. 248 downloads
    wrake (0.0.1) Runs rake without having to load the entire rais app
  8. 34,356 downloads
    wrangler (0.1.26) A gem for handling exceptions thrown inside your Rails app. If you include the gem in your applic...
  9. 9,620 downloads
    wrap (1.5.2) non-sucking :before and :after filters for any ruby class
  10. 378 downloads
    wrapactre (0.0.1) This gem is reserved. Soon to be released! Wrapper for ActiveRecord w/o Rails!
  11. 654 downloads
    wrap-bootstrap-rails (0.0.3) Rails plugin generator for Wrap Bootstrap design templates
  12. 4,925 downloads
    wrap_excel (0.1.0) WrapExcel is to wrap the win32ole, and easy to use Excel operations with ruby. Detailed descripti...
  13. 3,529 downloads
    wrap_in_module (0.1.0) Ruby gem that allows you to load a ruby file into a module. Think scoping bunch of code inside a ...
  14. 729 downloads
    wrapit (0.2.3) Wrap attributes of any class to explicitly avoid nils.
  15. 3,007 downloads
    wrap_it (1.0.2) Set of classes and modules for creating HTML helpers
  16. 853 downloads
    wrap_method (0.0.0) Useful for callbacks, benchmarking, profiling, code graphs.
  17. 4,270 downloads
    wrapp (0.6.0) Wrap an App... in a disk image (DMG)
  18. 7,705 downloads
    wrappable (0.0.5) a generic module that provides an idempotent wrapper.
  19. 1,967 downloads
    wrapped (0.0.2) The unchecked nil is a dangerous concept leading to NoMethodErrors at runtime. It would be better...
  20. 2,626 downloads
    wrapper (1.0.1) Wrapper is a minimalistic implementation of a presenter pattern for Rails.
  21. 231 downloads
    wrappr (0.0.2) Golden Grid System on steroids
  22. 966 downloads
    wrapr (0.0.1) Allows before/around/after instance method wrapping etc...
  23. 189 downloads
    wrapsquare (0.0.0) An ORM (Object Relational Mapper) that maps Foursquare API venues to Ruby objects.
  24. 10,200 downloads
    wrapt (0.1.7) Layouts in rack
  25. 5,521 downloads
    wraptext (0.1.7) Performs Wordpress-style conversion of single and double newlines to <p> and <br /&...
  26. 1,314 downloads
    wrapup (0.0.2) WrapUp, a simple wrapper gem for collections
  27. 971 downloads
    wrapybara (0.1.0) Wrapybara creates objects that are based on Capybara.
  28. 563 downloads
    wrath (0.0.0) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  29. 2,914 downloads
    wr_b (1.0.1) wr_b is the ir_b over the WebSocket. You can start an irb session on the browser that supports We...
  30. 337 downloads
    wreck (0.0.1-jruby) recommendations in ruby