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  1. 5,501 downloads
    wurfl_client (0.6.0) WURFL Client is a library to do WURFL ( mobile device detection for...
  2. 1,016 downloads
    wurfl_cloud_client_light (1.0.0) ruby client for the Wurfl Cloud API
  3. 15,450 downloads
    wurfl_device (0.2.4) Ruby client library for mobile handset detection
  4. 11,763 downloads
    wurfl-lite (1.1.5) Simple Ruby usage of the WURFL device capabilities and features database
  5. 8,421 downloads
    wurfl-lite-middleware (1.0.7) A Rack middleware implementation of wurfl-lite
  6. 1,294 downloads
    wurfl_store (0.1.0) Wurfl Redis Store
  7. 1,960 downloads
    wurlinc-rice ( Rice is a C++ interface to Ruby's C API. It provides a type-safe and exception-safe interface in...
  8. 957 downloads
    wu_string_extend (0.0.1) the library opens up the string class and adds a method to it
  9. 537 downloads
    wutang (0.0.1) An experimental command line password manager
  10. 196 downloads
    wutangify (0.0.1) Sure you could keep the lame name your parents gave you but with the wutangify gem you don't have...
  11. 932 downloads
    wutbranch (0.0.4) Console utility to display the current branch on remote servers.
  12. 1,928 downloads
    wutiger (0.0.1) A Wu-like API wrapper with idiomatic ruby
  13. 170 downloads
    wvanbergen-active_olap (0.0.2) Extends ActiveRecord with functionality to perform OLAP queries on your data. Includes helper met...
  14. 645 downloads
    wvanbergen-adyen (0.1.5) Package to simplify including the Adyen payments services into a Ruby on Rails application. ...
  15. 169 downloads
    wvanbergen-clieop (0.1.0) This library is a pure Ruby, MIT licensed implementation of the CLIEOP03 transaction format. CLIE...
  16. 1,419 downloads
    wvanbergen-http_status_exceptions (0.2.0) Clean up your controller code by raising exceptions that generate responses with different HTTP s...
  17. 6,055 downloads
    wvanbergen-request-log-analyzer (1.3.7) Request log analyzer's purpose is to find ot how your web application is being used and to focus ...
  18. 170 downloads
    wvanbergen-rspec_form_matcher (0.1.0) The RSpec form matcher will check a string to see whether a specified form exists with the correc...
  19. 2,048 downloads
    wvanbergen-scoped_search (2.0.0) Scoped search makes it easy to search your ActiveRecord-based models. It will create a named scop...
  20. 172 downloads
    wvanbergen-sql_tree (0.0.1) To make it easier to build and manipulate SQL queries, sql_tree can parse an SQL query to represe...
  21. 11,094 downloads
    ww (0.4.2) Double Web, framework to build double Web server.
  22. 1,246 downloads
    wwdc (1.0.0) A command-line interface for accessing WWDC session content
  23. 6,763 downloads
    wwdcdownloader (20.14.1) At each year's WWDC, Apple releases great sample projects. Unfortunately it is very tedious to ma...
  24. 6,387 downloads
    wwine (0.3) wwine is a a wine(1) wrapper. It wraps various flavours of wine (including vanilla wine and cross...
  25. 1,357 downloads
    wwmd ( WWMD was originally intended to provide a console helper tool for conducting web application sec...
  26. 174 downloads
    wwood-bioruby (1.2.11) BioRuby is a library for bioinformatics (biology + information science).
  27. 3,127 downloads
    wwood-rarff (0.2.5) Rarff is a Ruby library for dealing with Attribute-Relation File Format (ARFF) files. ARFF files ...
  28. 2,391 downloads
    wwood-reach (0.3.0) For instance, a ReachableArray of Book objects can not only take normal Array methods such as col...
  29. 168 downloads
    wwood-rsruby (0.5.1) RSRuby is a bridge library for Ruby giving Ruby developers access to the full R statistical progr...
  30. 864 downloads
    ww-postcodeapi (0.0.3) API wrapper for zipcode api