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  1. 7,272 downloads
    watch (0.1.0) A dirt simple mechanism to tell if files have changed
  2. 2,488 downloads
    watchable (0.0.1) A simple event mixin, reluctantly extracted to a gem.
  3. 2,546 downloads
    watch_and_do (0.0.3) watches files ending with specific extensions in directories and executes a command/script
  4. 4,283 downloads
    watchdir (1.0.4) watch command for multiple files.
  5. 5,844 downloads
    watchdog (0.3.0) Watchdog ensures your extensions and monkey patches don't redefine existing methods as well as ge...
  6. 3,437 downloads
    watcher (1.2.0) Watcher provides advanced integrated exception handling and logging functionality to your Ruby pr...
  7. 1,279 downloads
    watcher_in_the_water (0.1) Want to know when the page at a given URL changes? The Watcher in the Water will tell you over Ja...
  8. 58 downloads
    watcher_on_the_wall (0.0.1) This gem uses Redis to provide a mutex lock and to ensure certain processes do not overlap each o...
  9. 1,871 downloads
    watchful ( Applies intermediary tools to modified files
  10. 6,188 downloads
    watchmaker (0.2.2) Extract test setup and factory instantiation into reusable objects
  11. 7,173 downloads
    watchman (0.1.1) works for our web-view on the CAD produced by enroute. your mileage may vary.
  12. 862 downloads
    watchme (0.0.1) Simple API for tracking time within a ruby project
  13. 19,142 downloads
    watch-me-now (1.9.0) watchr provides flexible continuous testing. watch-me-now is a simple script to try and test mos...
  14. 2,645 downloads
    watch_methods (1.0.0) Easily monitor methods added within classes and modules.
  15. 742 downloads
    watchmob (0.1.0) Reads a simple JSON watchlist, loads auction information and phone specifications from multip...
  16. 5,985 downloads
    watch-paths (1.2.0) Scan a set of pathnames for file changes according to check sums.
  17. 1,877 downloads
    watch_point (0.0.1) Lightweight watchpoint implementation
  18. 321,797 downloads
    watchr (0.7) Modern continious testing (flexible alternative to autotest).
  19. 647 downloads
    watchtower (0.0.1) Rails CRM Engine
  20. 7,164 downloads
    watch_tower (0.0.3) WatchTower helps you track how much time you spend on all of your projects.
  21. 1,260 downloads
    watch-tower (1.0.0) I was sick of all the complex abstractions that were being put into other authentication libs - I...
  22. 10,753 downloads
    water (0.8.0) The diff washing machine. See your code changes clearly.
  23. 3,343 downloads
    watercooling (0.0.4) Asynchronous webhook queueing with skinny daemon support.
  24. 809 downloads
    waterfall (0.1.0) Waterfall Speed Test (wst) is a utility application for testing your website speed and integratin...
  25. 7,891 downloads
    waterfall_bourbon_neat_rails (0.1.6) To be used for sharing standard assets between the multiple modules of a platform
  26. 200 downloads
    waterfall_neat_bourbon_rails (0.0.1) The Waterfall standard UI.
  27. 2,007 downloads
    watermark_paperclip_processor (0.0.15) Watermark processor for Paperclip gem
  28. 886 downloads
    waterpig (0.0.5) Because waterpig is what the scientific name for a capybara translates to, that's why.
  29. 5,749 downloads
    watership (0.7.2) Wrapper around Bunny to better handle connection issues
  30. 1,290 downloads
    watertower (0.0.1) Ruby and XUL based web application server framework.