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  1. 939 downloads
    xlib_ruby (0.1) Some base libraries for writing a windowmanager in ruby
  2. 547 downloads
    xli-dtr (1.1.0) DTR is a distributed test runner to run tests on distributed computers for decreasing build time.
  3. 411 downloads
    xliffle (0.0.4) A gem to build XLIFF files from translated strings.
  4. 143 downloads
    xli-growling_test (0.0.1) GrowlingTest is a tool for notifying test running status by Growl.
  5. 270 downloads
    xli-hickey (0.0.2) Hickey provides a simple way of preparing test data inside test for Rails project.
  6. 141 downloads
    xli-mm (0.0.3) MM is a development console integrating with Mingle( by Mingle R...
  7. 450 downloads
    XLiveServices (0.0.2) A library to consume Xbox LIVE and Games for Windows LIVE services.
  8. 2,060 downloads
    xls (0.1.2) A command line utilty for working with data in Excel.
  9. 984 downloads
    xls2csv (0.2.0) xls2csv output csv_files by sheet haved xls_file to dir
  10. 244 downloads
    xls2json (0.0.1) Library to convert spreadsheets, microsoft xl, csv like documents to json
  11. 2,269 downloads
    xls2odat (1.1.7) xls2odat converts one or more XLS files to flat files so they can be imported to a drugstore sof...
  12. 2,482 downloads
    xls_html_cleaner (0.0.2) Clean up your Excel generated HTML
  13. 9,127 downloads
    xls_porter (1.2.3) Export to and Import from XLS for Ruby and Rails apps
  14. 2,840 downloads
    xls_sestavy (0.3.3) Uses writeexcel and puts some helper methods on top for making summaries in xls format
  15. 349 downloads
    xls-split (0.2) Tools for splitting Excel files into CSV files
  16. 6,380 downloads
    xls_to_csv-paperclip-processor (0.4.5) If you want to convert .xls to .csv simply and unwittingly, then this gem is for you!
  17. 4,208 downloads
    xlsx (0.3) XLSX is a Ruby library for writing simple XLSX-format Excel documents.
  18. 2,086 downloads
    xlsx2json (0.3) Converts Excel to JSON.
  19. 13,025 downloads
    xlsx_writer (0.4.3) Writes XLSX files. Minimal XML and style. Supports autofilters and headers/footers with images an...
  20. 1,313 downloads
    xlymian-cijoe (0.2.1) CI Joe is a simple Continuous Integration server.
  21. 1,276 downloads
    xlymian-redis-store (0.3.8) Rack::Session, Rack::Cache and cache Redis stores for Ruby web frameworks.
  22. 2,088 downloads
    xm (0.0.5) "send xm(pp) messages quickly everywhere"
  23. 464 downloads
    xmandrill (0.0.2) A simple API wrapper for Mandrill.
  24. 933 downloads
    xmapper (0.1.0) XML Mapper. Maps XML to objects and vice-versa. Uses a nice nested-block syntax to define hierarchy.
  25. 1,161 downloads
    xmastree (0.0.2) Xmas tree
  26. 12,388 downloads
    xmatch (0.3.0) A Ruby library for comparing XML documents and reporting on mismatches
  27. 617 downloads
    xmfun (0.0.5) Yet another xiami music downloader
  28. 368 downloads
    xmigra (1.0.1) XMigra is a suite of tools for managing database schema evolution with version controlled...
  29. 466 downloads
    xmimerge (0.0.1) A helper gem for merge XMI files
  30. 977 downloads
    xmimodel (0.2.0) A helper gem for working with XMI files