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  1. 611 downloads
    yard-doctest (0.1.2) Execute YARD examples as tests
  2. 3,944 downloads
    yarder (0.1.0) Replaces the default string based Ruby on Rails logging system with a JSON based one
  3. 1,376 downloads
    yard-examples-from-rspec (0.0.1) Fills up your documentation with examples taken from rspec
  4. 1,150 downloads
    yard_gems (1.0) Easily install a YARD backed site for viewing locally installed Rubygem docs. Install this and di...
  5. 4,128 downloads
    yard-gobject (0.0.3) Aids in the documentation of Ruby Objects derived from GObject
  6. 451 downloads
    yard-grape (1.0.1) Displays Grape routes (including comments) in YARD output.
  7. 4,639 downloads
    yard-heuristics (1.2.2) YARD-Heuristics YARD-Heuristics heuristically determines typ...
  8. 713 downloads
    yard-is-monkey (0.2.1) YARD plugin for use with is-monkey gem.
  9. 723 downloads
    yard-js (0.1.3) YARD plugin for documenting JavaScript source code
  10. 25,384 downloads
    yard_klippstein_template (0.0.37) Klippstein Template for Ruby YARD: Clear visual grouping, some infos shown as table, source code ...
  11. 6,932 downloads
    yard-kramdown (0.0.1) Add Kramdown as its own markup
  12. 336 downloads
    yardmarshal (0.1.1) Yardmarshal inspects rails, allowing deep inspection of routes, racks, and more
  13. 1,033 downloads
    yard-metasploit-erd (0.0.2) YARD plugin that uses metasploit-erd to add Entity-Relationship Diagrams to each namespace Module...
  14. 1,083 downloads
    yard-method-decorators (0.0.1) Captures MethodDecorators in YARD
  15. 2,002 downloads
    yard-method-overrides (0.1.1) YARD Method Overrides A YARD plugin that adds tags for specifying...
  16. 133 downloads
    yard-minitest (0.0.1) Parse Minitest files to read all the test case descriptions and include those with the relevant c...
  17. 1,829 downloads
    yard-minitest-spec (0.1.6) YARD plugin to list MiniTest::Spec specifications inside documentation for the class.met...
  18. 3,876 downloads
    yard-mongoid (0.0.3) Once yard-mongoid is installed, YARD will automatically load the plugin when ever the `yard doc` ...
  19. 1,059 downloads
    yard-notes (0.1.0) Normally YARD emits a warning about unrecongnized decoumentaiton tags and omits them from output....
  20. 24,436 downloads
    yard-nowpunk (0.2.34) longer description of your gem
  21. 2,538 downloads
    yardocco (0.1.0) Docco-style YARD template
  22. 1,790 downloads
    yard-padrino (0.0.2) YARD plugin for Padrino controllers.
  23. 3,222 downloads
    yard-parameters (0.1.1) yard-parameters is a plugin for YARD for parsing parameters.
  24. 2,971 downloads
    yard-pygments (0.1.1) A plugin for the YARD documentation system that adds syntax highlighting for a wide variety of la...
  25. 1,861 downloads
    yard-pygmentsrb (0.0.2) Enables the syntax highligthing of a wide variety of languages through Pygments and its Ruby inte...
  26. 1,072 downloads
    yard-qed (0.1.0) YARD QED is a plugin for YARD that automatically adds a QED document directory to YARD docs as a ...
  27. 21,595 downloads
    yard-rails (0.3.0) Rails includes several bits of custom markup (such as the new "cattr_*" methods). This plugin fo...
  28. 12,552 downloads
    yard-redcarpet-ext (0.0.3) Redcarpet extensions for YARD
  29. 16,588 downloads
    yard-rest (1.1.4) A customized plugin for Yardoc that produces API documentation for Restful web services
  30. 3,569 downloads
    yard-restful (1.2.3) A customized plugin for Yardoc that produces API documentation for Restful web services