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  1. 1,077 downloads
    yard-qed (0.1.0) YARD QED is a plugin for YARD that automatically adds a QED document directory to YARD docs as a ...
  2. 22,095 downloads
    yard-rails (0.3.0) Rails includes several bits of custom markup (such as the new "cattr_*" methods). This plugin fo...
  3. 13,027 downloads
    yard-redcarpet-ext (0.0.3) Redcarpet extensions for YARD
  4. 16,763 downloads
    yard-rest (1.1.4) A customized plugin for Yardoc that produces API documentation for Restful web services
  5. 3,608 downloads
    yard-restful (1.2.3) A customized plugin for Yardoc that produces API documentation for Restful web services
  6. 18,299 downloads
    yard-rest-plugin (0.2.5) A plugin for Yardoc that produces API documentation for Restful web services. See README.markdown...
  7. 36,080 downloads
    yard-rspec (0.1) YARD plugin to list RSpec specifications inside documentation
  8. 1,299 downloads
    yard-rubicle (0.1.1) YARD plugin for template with Rubicle. Rubicle is an unofficial mascot of Programming Language Ruby.
  9. 3,422 downloads
    yard-sd (0.0.4) A YARD plugin for embedding sequence diagrams
  10. 1,896 downloads
    yard-sftp (1.1.0) Move your new shiny documentation to a remote location with SFTP
  11. 40,674 downloads
    yard-sinatra (1.0.0) Displays Sinatra routes (including comments) in YARD output.
  12. 1,243 downloads
    yard-sitemap (1.0.1) YARD plugin to build a sitemap.xml for generated HTML documentation.
  13. 31,747 downloads
    yard-slipstream (0.1.23) yard-slipstream is a yard plugin for Yard-0.5.3 and higher. Slipstream gives users an option for ...
  14. 35,815 downloads
    yard-spellcheck (0.1.5) Adds the 'spellcheck' command to YARD, which will spellcheck every docstring within your document...
  15. 1,598 downloads
    yard-state_machine (0.0.1) A YARD Plugin for state_machine integration. Automatically documents state_machine DSL defined st...
  16. 81,090 downloads
    yardstick (0.9.9) Measure YARD documentation coverage
  17. 145 downloads
    yardstick-themekit (0.0.8) A tiny app that makes designing Yardstick Measure themes a whole lot more enjoyable.
  18. 1,479 downloads
    yard-struct (1.1.0) yard-struct allows users to document their classes created through using a simple, fam...
  19. 1,745 downloads
    yard-thor (0.0.1) Thor plugin for YARD.
  20. 948 downloads
    yard-thunder (0.1.0) Integrates Thunder command line interfaces into YARD
  21. 21,046 downloads
    yard-tomdoc (0.7.1) Use TomDoc documentation format with YARD.
  22. 154 downloads
    yard_types (0.0.1) Your API docs say you return Array<#to_date>, but do you really?
  23. 3,897 downloads
    yard-value (1.2.4) YARD-Value YARD-Value provides YARD┬╣ handlers for Value┬▓ o...
  24. 219 downloads
    yard-virtus (0.0.4) This library provides handlers to YARD so it can extract information about Virtus attributes like...
  25. 1,544 downloads
    yard-web-plugin (0.1.2) See yard-rest-plugin for more detail
  26. 251 downloads
    yard-wires (0.0.1) YARD plugin for documenting programs using the wires event routing framework for Ruby.
  27. 3,794 downloads
    yard-xml (0.1.3) This plugin allows to render YARD documentation into the single XML file for further processing.
  28. 1,412 downloads
    yarel (0.0.1) Object-relational mapper for Yahoo Query Language - A Object Relation Mapper for YQL in ruby, ver...
  29. 1,456 downloads
    yarg (0.1.3) Yet Another Ruby Generator: Customize existing project generators to fit your personality.
  30. 5,234 downloads
    yargi (0.2.0) Yargi provides a powerful mutable digraph implementation.