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  1. 1,322 downloads
    yellowlab-pdf-inspector (1.0.0) This library provides a number of PDF::Reader[0] based tools for use in testing PDF output. Pres...
  2. 2,665 downloads
    yellowlab-princely (1.2.5.yellowlab.2) A wrapper for the PrinceXML PDF generation library.
  3. 4,420 downloads
    yellow-text-rails (0.0.9) Yellow Text makes text editing fun again with a beautiful interface and a few very clean options
  4. 59,029 downloads
    yell-rails (2.0.0) Yell - Your Extensible Logging Library. Define multiple adapters, various log level combinations ...
  5. 10,043 downloads
    yelp (2.0.3) Provides easy way to interact with the Yelp API in any kind of application
  6. 1,249 downloads
    yelp2 (0.0.3) A simple wrapper around the Yelp v2 API
  7. 3,758 downloads
    yelp4r (1.2.0) Simple Ruby wrapper for the Yelp API built on HTTParty with parsers for available Neighborhoods a...
  8. 647 downloads
    yelp4rails (2.0.0) A gem that provides and activerecord like object for interacting with the yelp V2 api
  9. 1,097 downloads
    yelped (0.1.1) An object-oriented interface to the Yelp Developer API.This is a gem version of Yelpster,which it...
  10. 804 downloads
    yelp-hack (1.0.1) The yelp rubygem provides a Ruby object-oriented interface to the Yelp REST API described in det...
  11. 4,160 downloads
    yelpme (0.0.5) Yelpme is used to utilize Yelp's API from the command line using the already existing yelp2 gem.
  12. 2,088 downloads
    yelpr (0.0.2) Yelp gem for the masses.
  13. 10,370 downloads
    yelpster (1.3.0) Wrapper for Yelp Developer API
  14. 1,644 downloads
    yema (0.0.3) Simple validation library with virtus integration
  15. 475 downloads
    yen (0.0.1) this is convert integer to yen.
  16. 6,202 downloads
    yEnc (0.0.32) yEnc decoder written in Ruby
  17. 978 downloads
    yepkeynav-rails (0.0.2) Rails engine to support yepKeyNav.
  18. 2,677 downloads
    yep_searchable (0.0.6) Lib for search using ActiveRecord and ActiveResource
  19. 5,042 downloads
    yeqs_jquery (0.0.8) Yeqs Jquery wraps all the jquery related components. It provides a generator for each component...
  20. 5,161 downloads
    yeqs_sexybuttons (0.0.7) Yeqs Sexybuttons provide a flexible way to use sexybuttons(
  21. 1,358 downloads
    yerb (0.0.1) A gem which adds support for yerb (yaml with erb) to yaml
  22. 138 downloads
    yerbish (0.0.1) Yerbish enables embedding Ruby in YAML files, as well as composing a YAML file from other partial...
  23. 1,161 downloads
    yes (0.0.1) YAML Easy Schemas it a straight-foward but powerful YPath-based schema format and validation prog...
  24. 2,794 downloads
    yesman (0.0.5) CLI for quick creation of C++ projects using GTest
  25. 3,005 downloads
    yesno (1.1.1) Boolean helper fot rails
  26. 1,606 downloads
    yesradio (0.1.3) YesRadio makes available as a ruby gem the method exposed by API to retrieve songs broadc...
  27. 554 downloads
    yes_rails (0.0.1) this is a test
  28. 6,132 downloads
    yesterday (0.6) Track history and view any made changes in your active record models
  29. 3,757 downloads
    yetanothernguyen-activemerchant (1.21.2) Active Merchant is a simple payment abstraction library used in and sponsored by Shopify. It is w...
  30. 2,215 downloads
    yetanothernguyen-acts-as-taggable-on (0.0.5) With ActsAsTaggableOn, you could tag a single model on several contexts, such as skills, interest...