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  1. 1,033 downloads
    yahw (0.3.0) This is a small worthless gem that has a class named HelloWorld with a method named say that prin...
  2. 1,021 downloads
    yaib (0.0.1) Yet Another IRC Bot Framework
  3. 3,085 downloads
    yaih (0.0.3) Require it in your irbrc if you want to get bash like commands for history
  4. 55,474 downloads
    yaji (0.3.5) YAJI is a ruby wrapper to YAJL providing iterator interface to streaming JSON parser
  5. 564 downloads
    yajl-ffi (0.1.2) Ruby FFI bindings to the native YAJL streaming JSON parser.
  6. 8,522,452 downloads
    yajl-ruby (1.2.1) Ruby C bindings to the excellent Yajl JSON stream-based parser library.
  7. 943 downloads
    yajl-ruby-maglev- (1.1.0) Ruby C bindings to the excellent Yajl JSON stream-based parser library.
  8. 807 downloads
    yajl-ruby-zenjoy (1.1.0) Ruby C bindings to the excellent Yajl JSON stream-based parser library.
  9. 437 downloads
    yajm (0.0.4) A simple job manager inspired by Twke job manager.
  10. 8,529 downloads
    yak (1.0.8) Yak is a simple command line app to store and retrieve passwords securely under a master password...
  11. 4,322 downloads
    yakg (0.0.10) Use FFI to access the MacOS Keychain
  12. 468 downloads
    yakischloba-drizzle-ffi (0.0.4) libdrizzle ffi
  13. 178 downloads
    yakischloba-em-cron (0.0.1) cron-style methods for timers in EventMachine
  14. 175 downloads
    yakischloba-em-mailer (0.0.2) Simple wrapper for Eventmachine SMTP client
  15. 165 downloads
    yakischloba-em-timers (0.0.1) helper methods for timers in EventMachine
  16. 498 downloads
    yakischloba-http-parser (0.0.4) FFI binding to ry's http-parser
  17. 335 downloads
    yakischloba-ktools (0.0.3) Bringing common kernel APIs into Ruby using FFI
  18. 329 downloads
    yakischloba-tmail-pure (0.10.10) This is a version of tmail that has been modified to be pure ruby only. The full, original Tmail...
  19. 1,959 downloads
    yakka (0.0.2) Update your own restriction list to avoid visits to time-killing resources while working
  20. 2,693 downloads
    yakr (0.2.4) Yakr is a minimalist network tool for forwarding command output or arbitrary data to a remote host.
  21. 5,116 downloads
    yaks (0.5.0) Serialize to hypermedia. HAL, JSON-API, etc.
  22. 90 downloads
    yaks-html (0.6.0.alpha.1) HTML output format for Yaks
  23. 2,247 downloads
    yakstrap (0.0.6) Yakstrap is a pure CSS framework that was written to be mostly compatible with bootstrap 2.0 whil...
  24. 2,107 downloads
    yalab-ruby-ods (0.0.0) This is using OpenOffice SpreadSheet document file via ruby
  25. 1,279 downloads
    yaleldap (1.0.8) Automatically connects to the LDAP server if you are on campus/VPN. Can be queried by UPI, and it...
  26. 12,799 downloads
    yam (2.3.0) A Ruby wrapper for accessing Yammer's REST API
  27. 1,490 downloads
    yam2g (0.0.1) Leverages the json2graphite gem to connect to a munin-node process and convert all available data...
  28. 356 downloads
    yamakozawa (0.0.1) yamakozawa_first_commit
  29. 273 downloads
    yamalicious (0.0.1.alpha) Load configuration from YAML files and base64 encoded YAML environment variables into a Rails app
  30. 1,930 downloads
    yamato (0.0.2) List of useful rake tasks for rails projects