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  1. 1,434 downloads
    zimki (0.0.2) Zimki converts file written in the zim Desktop Wiki format and converts them to textile.
  2. 1,094 downloads
    zim-ruby (1.0.1) This library can be used to read openzim files like the ones exported by wikipedia
  3. 4,715 downloads
    zimt (0.0.5) Zimt downloads and adds files to your .xcodeproj.
  4. 56,417 downloads
    zinbei ( Zinbei saw the whale shark in notojima aquarium, and got and wrote power. .
  5. 3,223 downloads
    zinbeijett ( It designs to smart zinbei
  6. 510 downloads
    zinc (0.1.0) Ruby bindings for the Zinc( API
  7. 1,792 downloads
    zinfinit-actionwebservice ( SOAP XML/RPC Web service support for ActionController. Supporting ComplexTypes, SimpleTypes and P...
  8. 4,836 downloads
    zing (0.3.1) This gem will generate common code for a new or existing Sinatra project
  9. 2,773 downloads
    zint (0.0.3) Ruby FFI wrapper on Zint barcode library. See README for more details
  10. 5,144 downloads
    zinx (0.0.6) Simple DSL for Sphinx Search Server
  11. 398 downloads
    zion (0.0.1) GitHub style deployments
  12. 547,205 downloads
    zip (2.0.2) zip is a Ruby library for reading and writing Zip files. Unlike the official rubyzip, zip is comp...
  13. 2,000 downloads
    zip64writer (0.0.2) A simple library to output Zip64 zip files from pure ruby.
  14. 1,424 downloads
    zipcode (0.1.0) Creates a Zipcode object class used for validating zipcodes.
  15. 1,286 downloads
    zipcodecoords ( The Zip Code to Coordinates .NET Component enables you to retrieve the global coordinates (Latitu...
  16. 6,127 downloads
    zip-code-info (0.1.1) The data has been collected from wikipedia and stored in a yml file. This gem does not use an ext...
  17. 1,633 downloads
    zipcode_ja (0.1.0) ZipcodeJa allows you to convert Japanese zipcode into a region.
  18. 1,132 downloads
    zip_code_jp (0.0.3) A Ruby gem for manipulating JP postal codes.
  19. 1,382 downloads
    zipcodematch (1.0) A rails plugin for searching and validating hungarian cities and zipcodes.
  20. 542 downloads
    zip-codes (0.2.0) Simple gem to get city, state, and time zone for a given zip code
  21. 1,055 downloads
    zipcodr (0.0.2) A library for looking up zip codes and their associated info.
  22. 968 downloads
    zip-container (1.0.0) A Ruby library for working with ZIP Container Format files. See
  23. 1,233 downloads
    zip_content_comparator (0.1.0) An utility for comparing content of ZIP files. It does not extract the files anywhere, its's usin...
  24. 9,730 downloads
    zip_dsl (1.4.2) Library for working with zip file in DSL-way
  25. 2,568 downloads
    zipfian (0.0.3) Zipfian distribution
  26. 1,635 downloads
    zipfinder (0.0.1) A wrapper for Service
  27. 7,753 downloads
    zipit (0.3.6) Rake helper for zipping/unzipping project files.
  28. 3,179 downloads
    zipkin-query (0.1.0) Client for accessing the Zipkin query service
  29. 2,403 downloads
    zipkin-tracer (0.0.1) Adds tracing instrumentation for ruby applications
  30. 785 downloads
    zipline (0.0.7) this is a giant pile of hax that may let you stream dynamically generated zip files