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  1. 993 downloads
    app_settings (0.0.3) Application Settings for Rails
  2. 9,128 downloads
    appshot (0.0.8) AppShot takes an application aware snapshot of your drive volume (one day) using pluggable module...
  3. 55,356 downloads
    appsignal (0.9.3) The official gem
  4. 8,118 downloads
    appsignal-mongo (0.1.10) Wrap all mongo queries withActiveSupport::Notifications.instrument calls. For use with Appsignal.
  5. 3,953 downloads
    appsignal-moped (1.0.5) Log your moped queries with ActiveSupport::Notifications.instrument calls
  6. 2,511 downloads
    appsignal-redis (1.0.2) Add instrument calls to redis.For use with Appsignal.
  7. 5,667 downloads
    appsignal-tire (1.0.3) Wrap all Tire queries withActiveSupport::Notifications.instrument calls.For use with Appsignal.
  8. 326 downloads
    app_signer (0.0.1) Sign an iOS .app package with a given provisioning profile.
  9. 349 downloads
    app_sleuth (0.0.1.pre) Generates color, font, image information about your project
  10. 4,280 downloads
    appsta (1.1.0) Appsta is designed to make bootstrapping new Rails applications much easier.
  11. 13,251 downloads
    app_stack (1.6.2) Merge app source code in a stack to increase module reusability
  12. 148,262 downloads
    appstats (0.25.1) Provide usage statistics about how your application is being used
  13. 3,945 downloads
    app_status (1.2.0) AppStatus provides a URL which is easily consumable by Nagios or other monitoring tools.
  14. 10,334 downloads
    app_store (0.1.2) AppStore allows you to fetch informations about applications (title, description, size, reviews, ...
  15. 11,077 downloads
    app-store-emigrant (0.0.9) App Store Emigrant will manually attempt to verify whether any of your local mobile applications ...
  16. 15,246 downloads
    app_store_pricing_matrix (2.1.0) A simple module that holds currencies and prices from the Apple's iOS App Store.
  17. 1,690 downloads
    appstorm_concatenator (0.0.1) Simply concatenates two iPhone screenshots into a single 620px wide image.
  18. 2,136 downloads
    appswarm (0.0.1) AppSwarm is/will be an application framework for developing distributed applications across a p2p...
  19. 2,300 downloads
    apptamers-bootstrap (1.0.3) Apptamers Bootstrap is a basic design for SaaS application created by Apptamers
  20. 2,631 downloads
    apptap (0.0.2) AppTap makes it easy to manage service dependencies for your apps. It uses an app-local installat...
  21. 5,357 downloads
    app-tester ( Command-line Framework to run functional tests against a web application (API, Website, etc)
  22. 7,722 downloads
    app-themer (0.4.6) App Themer is a rails generator inspired by web-app-theme that allows you to quickly generate a c...
  23. 731 downloads
    appthwack (0.1) API client for Appthwack
  24. 1,634 downloads
    appurify (0.5.2) API client for Appurify
  25. 9,983 downloads
    appush_client (0.6) Ruby client library for Appush PUSH service.
  26. 2,812 downloads
    app_version (0.1.7) App Version Gem originally App Version Rails Plugin from, u...
  27. 5,588 downloads
    app-version-git (0.0.4) Show version number based on git commit counts and enable to show change log from commit messages
  28. 1,474 downloads
    appyantra_admin (0.0.1) Rails 3 engine for managing an app's assets, users, pages, blog, SEO and Social Media Integration
  29. 12,862 downloads
    appygram (1.0.5) Discovers topics and sends messages
  30. 12,264 downloads
    appygram-rails (1.0.6) appygram-rails sends uncaught Rails exceptions as traces to the hosted messaging service at http:...