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  1. 7,738 downloads
    apitome (0.0.7) API documentation renderer for Rails using RSpec API Documentation JSON output
  2. 929 downloads
    apitools-middleware (0.1.0) Apitools Middleware manifest, repository, specification and more.
  3. 2,037 downloads
    api-twister (0.0.1) Ruby DSL for non-trivial API specifications
  4. 916 downloads
    api-validator (0.0.1) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  5. 6,996 downloads
    api_versioning (0.0.9) API versioning for rails projects. An extraction from the project
  6. 19,243 downloads
    api-versions (1.2.0) api-versions helps manage your Rails app API endpoints.
  7. 1,344 downloads
    ApiWrapperFor8x8 (0.0.3) 8x8 Phone System api wrapper to handle reporting.
  8. 1,825 downloads
    api_yard_parser (0.0.5) This gem parse a yard doc and generate a page with api description
  9. 2,474 downloads
    apj (0.0.2) Pipe your JSONs into this.
  10. 7,358 downloads
    apjson (0.1.1) print parsed json with your favorite format
  11. 4,968 downloads
    apk (0.1.3) Get Android APK's label, features, api, icon, and other information
  12. 3,401 downloads
    apk_downloader (1.1.4) Downloads APK files directly from the Play store
  13. 2,036 downloads
    apktool (0.0.2) It is a tool for reverse engineering 3rd party, closed, binary Android apps. It can decode resour...
  14. 9,520 downloads
    apktools (0.6.0) Library to assist reading resource data out of Android APKs
  15. 1,118 downloads
    apk_unpack (0.0.4) The APKUnpack tool is used to quickly decompile one or more APK applications essentially...
  16. 2,469 downloads
    Aplo (0.1) A Ruby wrapper for Apache log files.
  17. 4,042 downloads
    apminsight (1.0.1) ManageEngine Applications Manager APM Insight gives you end-to-end web-transaction awareness of R...
  18. 1,964 downloads
    apn (1.1.0) APN is a lightweight Apple Push Notification daemon for Ruby on Rails. APN runs as a daemon, work...
  19. 6,207 downloads
    apn_client (0.0.4) Uses the "enhanced format" Apple protocol and deals with errors and failures when broadcasting to...
  20. 24,858 downloads
    apnd (0.2.0) APND (Apple Push Notification Daemon) is a ruby library to send Apple Push Notifications ...
  21. 444 downloads
    apngasm (3.0.0) PLEASE USE THE "rapngasm" GEM. This is a dummy that just requires it.
  22. 325 downloads
    apngasm-gui (0.0.1) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  23. 3,233 downloads
    apnmachine (0.1.1) An APN server & library in which EventMachine daemons maintain a persistent connection to Apple s...
  24. 67,118 downloads
    apn_on_rails (0.5.1) APN on Rails is a Ruby on Rails gem that allows you to easily add Apple Push Notification (iPho...
  25. 84,870 downloads
    apns (1.0.0) Simple Apple push notification service gem
  26. 450 downloads
    apns-client (1.0.1) A Ruby client library for communicating with the APNS Proxy server.
  27. 2,497 downloads
    apns_dispatch (1.0.2) A simple Ruby framework for sending push notifications and receiving feedback using the Apple Pus...
  28. 40,727 downloads
    apn_sender (2.0.1) Background worker to send Apple Push Notifications over a persistent TCP socket. Includes Resque ...
  29. 9,185 downloads
    apnserver (0.2.2) A toolkit for proxying and sending Apple Push Notifications
  30. 214 downloads
    apns-key-convert (1.0.0) This script will take a P12 and CER file and generate a PEM file for use when sending notifications.