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  1. 27,396 downloads
    attachments (0.0.14) It's original intention is as a helper class class for filtering email attachments before forward...
  2. 4,081 downloads
    attachment-san (0.0.2) Rails plugin for easy and rich attachment manipulation.
  3. 1,926 downloads
    attachment_saver (1.0.1) This plugin implements attachment storage and processing, integrated with ActiveRecord models and...
  4. 2,076 downloads
    attachmerb_fu (0.0.1) Merb plugin that provides a port of attachment_fu to merb
  5. 7,718 downloads
    attachr (0.1.7) Gem for using the paste service.
  6. 2,205 downloads
    attachs (0.3.5) Minimalistic toolkit to attach file and images to records.
  7. 644 downloads
    attack (1.0.0) This gem provides a nice way to attack, attack events. Rails ready.
  8. 15,316 downloads
    attempt (0.2.0) The attempt library provides a thin wrapper for the typical begin/rescue/sleep/retry ...
  9. 3,115 downloads
    attempt_this (1.0.1) Retry policy mix-in with configurable number of attempts, delays, exception filters, and fall bac...
  10. 1,397 downloads
    attempt_to (0.4.1) AttemptTo calls a code block and re-tries it if it throws an exception. Otherwise exits
  11. 435 downloads
    attender (0.0.3) Orchestration tool for server provisioning with Capistrano, running on Consul networks
  12. 3,683 downloads
    attest (0.2.0) Attest allows you to define spec-like tests inline (within the same file as your actual code) whi...
  13. 2,121 downloads
    at-the-movies (0.1.0) Scraper for
  14. 13,356 downloads
    attic (0.5.3) A place to hide private instance variables in your Ruby objects.
  15. 5,720 downloads
    attic-cleanup (0.0.5) attic-cleanup is a gem to easily store your files when you need to get them out of the way.
  16. 7,314 downloads
    attic-path (0.0.5) Attic Path is a gem that gives you more options for gets.chomp. With Attic Path you can browse yo...
  17. 490 downloads
    attitude_adjuster (0.0.1) this gem set the attitude of a web page
  18. 2,075 downloads
    attlib (0.0.2) attlib has become referer-parser:
  19. 4,537 downloads
    atto (0.9.2) An ultra-tiny self-contained testing framework.
  20. 1,099 downloads
    attr (0.0.0) This gem allows you to easily extend the `attr_reader`, `attr_writer`, and `attr_accessor` Module...
  21. 9,902 downloads
    attr_accessible_block (0.3.2) Set attr_accessible attributes on runtime.
  22. 1,183 downloads
    attr_boolean (0.0.1) Shortcut for creating boolean attributes
  23. 17,201 downloads
    attr_bucket (0.4.1) Store a few extra (non-searchable) attributes away in a bucket. This is probably a horrible idea,...
  24. 2,119 downloads
    attr_cached (1.3) Defines a named attribute for an ActiveRecord model that stores its content in the Rails cache.
  25. 2,052 downloads
    attr_callback (1.0.0) The attr_callback gem lets you create user-definable callback method attributes conveniently.
  26. 2,063 downloads
    attr-chain (0.1.2) attr_chain for chainable, single method attribute (get|setters)
  27. 10,749 downloads
    attr_cleaner (0.1.1) Strips spaces from attributes, and sets empty strings to nil. Can be used with Rails 3, in any Ac...
  28. 1,332 downloads
    attr_comparable (0.0.2) AttrComparable
  29. 4,504 downloads
    attr_configurable (0.1.0) Yet another configurable module
  30. 588 downloads
    attr-csv (0.1.0) Allows you to define CSV-style attributes for your ActiveRecord models