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  1. 7,390 downloads
    auto_error (0.0.16) AutoError is a mountable engine for Rails 4.0+ which provides an 'exceptions_app' which ...
  2. 8,182 downloads
    auto_excerpt (0.7.1) Create excerpts from html formatted text. HTML tags are automatically closed.
  3. 3,620 downloads
    autoexec_bat (0.1.1) Autoexecution of javascript based on data attribute
  4. 1,764 downloads
    autoexpreso (0.0.4) Scrape for your account status
  5. 1,971 downloads
    autofac ( Autofac is an IoC container for Microsoft .NET. It manages the dependencies between classes so th...
  6. 2,936 downloads
    auto-facebook (0.42) Auto Mount Facebook Login
  7. 2,745 downloads
    auto_form (0.0.2) Use validated_arguments to know metadata about method arguments and the ActiveModel compliant API...
  8. 1,535 downloads
    autoforme (0.5.5) AutoForme is an web administrative console for Sequel::Model that supports Sinatra and Rails. It...
  9. 1,522 downloads
    autogc (0.0.3) A small library for fixing an urgent memory corruption bug in Ruby 1.9.3.
  10. 10,302 downloads
    auto-gemsets (0.4.1) auto-gemsets creates a gemset named after the parent directory of every Gemfile you encounter. Th...
  11. 1,577 downloads
    autogen_rspec (1.0.1) This gem is used to create rspec for an already running project
  12. 8,802 downloads
    autogg (0.2.5) converts a folder of flacs to ogg, preserving directory structure
  13. 6,974 downloads
    autograph (0.3.1) Autograph wraps httperf, running multiple tests while varying the parameters, graphing the output.
  14. 874 downloads
    autogrow-textarea-rails (3.1.0) Rails asset pipeline around Autogrow-Textarea
  15. 7,093 downloads
    auto_hash (0.3.1) A Ruby on Rails plugin to automate hashing an activerecord field using bcrypt; an activerecord wr...
  16. 83,602 downloads
    auto_html (1.6.4) Automatically transforms URIs (via domain) and includes the destination resource (Vimeo, YouTube ...
  17. 3,401 downloads
    auto-hyde (0.1.1) A simple sinatra app exposing a url for github post-receive hooks to hit and trigger a rebuild of...
  18. 3,789 downloads
    auto_increment (0.2) Automaticaly increments a string or integer field in ActiveRecord.
  19. 951 downloads
    autoit-ffi (0.0.5) FFI bindings for AutoIt
  20. 1,374 downloads
    autojenkins (0.2) Library to remotely control Jenkins CI. Autojenkins can fetch, create, enable/disable and launch ...
  21. 4,206 downloads
    autolang (0.2.0) Kick-start new translation via google translate
  22. 5,793 downloads
    autolink (3.0.0) By setting a default lineage in each model, and using these monkeypatches to Rails, the url helpe...
  23. 432 downloads
    autolinker (0.1) An autolinking library that acts as a standalone replacement for Rails `auto_link`
  24. 1,534 downloads
    autolinks (0.1.2) Autolinks automatically replaces urls, emails, twitter handles and hashtags with html links
  25. 2,446 downloads
    autoload (0.3.0) Ruby is officially deprecating autoload. Well, some people may prefer to keep it! Moreover, Ruby'...
  26. 1,957 downloads
    autoloader (0.0.2) Crawl a directory at a time, adding files via Kernel#autoload
  27. 1,546 downloads
    autoload_for (0.0.2) Have your classes in a directory autoloaded, just like Rails does with app/models, app/controller...
  28. 131 downloads
    autoloading (0.0.1) Autoload Ruby classes or modules by inferring the file path from the name
  29. 1,796 downloads
    autoload_resources (0.0.6) Autoload resources for Rails controllers
  30. 1,433 downloads
    auto_locale (0.1.0) Use this gem to automatically set the current locale from the browsers HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE header