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  1. 597 downloads
    aurora-dxf (0.0.4) Read and write DXF files using Ruby
  2. 296 downloads
    aurora_file_processor (0.1.0) The gem takes exactly one energy file and one power file generated by the inverter. The two filen...
  3. 1,118 downloads
    aurora-geometry (0.0.5) Geometric primitives and algorithms for Ruby
  4. 564 downloads
    aurora-sketch (0.0.2) Sketches used in the creation of mechanical designs
  5. 5,776 downloads
    aurum (0.2.0) Aurum is a LALR(n) parser generator written in Ruby.
  6. 3,208 downloads
    ausburbs (0.2.1) A simple gem for accesssing basic data about suburbs across Australia, including latitudes and lo...
  7. 532 downloads
    ausca (0.1.1) Ausca is a collection of automation utilities that you can use to fast-track the development of y...
  8. 4,084 downloads
    auspost (0.8.6) Give you the ability to search the Australia Post Web site with either Suburb or Postcode, and re...
  9. 4,032 downloads
    auspost-drc (0.1.1) Gem for AusPost Delivery Rate Calculator - Making it easy to calculate shipping
  10. 1,918 downloads
    aussiesms (1.0.1) Send text messages via
  11. 3,339 downloads
    australia_postcode (0.1.3) Library for manipulating Australian postcodes
  12. 383 downloads
    australium (1.0.2) TF2 log parser
  13. 1,913 downloads
    auswalk-uniquify (1.0.0) Generate a unique token with Active Record. Also a nice example of a Ruby Gem.
  14. 3,137 downloads
    auteur (0.0.3) An interface to fetch media data including movie posters, release information and plot summaries....
  15. 9,291 downloads
    auth (0.0.7) A high performance OAuth2 authorization server using Sinatra and Redis, inspired by Resque.
  16. 2,738 downloads
    auth0 (2.1.1) Ruby client library for the Auth0 platform.
  17. 263 downloads
    Auth42 (1.0.0) A simple ruby Gem to authenticate 42'school users
  18. 2,037 downloads
    auth-assistant (0.4.0) Provides assistance for setting up an auth solution using devise and cancan auth frameworks
  19. 6,892 downloads
    authbuttons-rails (0.1.2) A collection of authentication provider icons for Rails 3.1/Sprockets
  20. 9,552 downloads
    authcan_easyroller (0.1.4) This is a basic Rails engine utilizing Authlogic, CanCan and Easy Roles to create a starting poin...
  21. 499 downloads
    authcenter (0.0.1) Description of Authcenter.
  22. 283 downloads
    auth_easy (0.0.6.pre) Set up basic authentication and session management with dis gem
  23. 11,662 downloads
    authem (2.0.0) Authem provides a simple solution for email-based authentication
  24. 2,224 downloads
    auth_eng (0.0.2) AuthEng is just Devise only with a different flow.
  25. 1,252 downloads
    authengine (0.0.2) A rails authentication and authorization engine that reduces clutter in your ...
  26. 82,851 downloads
    authentasaurus (0.8.9) Simple and easy dynamic restful group/permission based authentication and authorization engine pl...
  27. 9,543 downloads
    authenticates_rpi (0.0.4) Rails plugin to manage CAS, Authentication, and LDAP name info
  28. 1,812 downloads
    authentication (0.0.1) Minimalist authentication library for Ruby
  29. 3,616 downloads
    authentication-needed-san (1.1.2) A thin wrapper around the Rails `flash' object to assist in redirecting the user `back' after aut...
  30. 975 downloads
    authentication-service (0.0.1.b) Provides authentication related stuff.