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  1. 4,284 downloads
    asp_marketplace (0.2.0) Rails ready gem for Marketplace Transactions using Amazon Simple Pay.
  2. 2,255 downloads
    asp-marketplace (0.1.0) Rails ready gem for Marketplace Transactions using Amazon Simple Pay.
  3. 202 downloads
    asposecloud (1.0.0) Aspose Cloud SDK for Ruby allows you to use Aspose API in your Ruby applications
  4. 1,131 downloads
    asposecloudsdk (0.0.1) Aspose Cloud SDK for Ruby allows you to use Aspose API in your Ruby applications
  5. 59,083 downloads
    asproject (0.1.118) AsProject is a templating system for creating new projects and new classes (or files) within thos...
  6. 2,901 downloads
    aspsms (0.98) SMS gateway library and client
  7. 15,027 downloads
    asrake (0.14.1) A Rake-based library for quickly and easily creating build scripts for Actionscript 3, Flex, and ...
  8. 1,421 downloads
    as_readonly (1.0.0) Safely expose collections as readonly objects
  9. 953 downloads
    asrt (0.1.1) Allows you to assert things to be true in your code.
  10. 11,763 downloads
    ass (0.0.25) Apple Service Server written with Sinatra and Sequel(Sqlite3)
  11. 2,322 downloads
    ASS (0.1.0) Asynchronous Service Stages for Distributed Services
  12. 206 downloads
    ass2srt (0.0.1) ASS (Advanced Sub Station Alpha) file converter to srt file
  13. 379 downloads
    assaf-buildr (1.3.4) A build system that doesn't suck
  14. 200 downloads
    assaf-presenter (0.1.0) Add later ...
  15. 190 downloads
    assaf-scrapi (1.2.1) scrAPI is an HTML scraping toolkit for Ruby. It uses CSS selectors to write easy, maintainable sc...
  16. 754 downloads
    assaf-uuid (2.0.2) UUID generator for producing universally unique identifiers based on RFC 4122 (http://www.ietf.or...
  17. 6,516 downloads
    assay (0.4.1) Assay defines assertions in the same way that Ruby defines exceptions. Each type of asserition, c...
  18. 2,561 downloads
    assaydepot (0.0.2) This is the first version of Assay Depot's Ruby SDK. It provides read access to Services and Vend...
  19. 1,591 downloads
    assay-minitest (0.1.0) Assay MiniTest defines a set of MiniTest-compatible assertion and extension method which seemless...
  20. 1,607 downloads
    assay-testunit (0.1.0) Assay TestUnit defines a set of TestUnit-compatible assertion methods which depend on Assay's ass...
  21. 6,101 downloads
    assembla (1.0.0) This gem provides access to assembla tickets. It supports listing, creating and modyfing function...
  22. 127 downloads
    assembla_api (0.1.2) Ruby client that supports all of the Assembla API methods. It's build in a modular way, that is,...
  23. 2,684 downloads
    assemblabla (0.1.3) (Threadsafe) Ruby Client for the Assembla REST API
  24. 3,136 downloads
    assembla_cli (0.0.2) A CLI to use Assembla for easy usage
  25. 269 downloads
    assemble (0.0.1) Cistern-based client for Rally Dev
  26. 3,606 downloads
    assembler (1.2.0) Provides a DSL for describing required and optional (with defaults) parameters for object initial...
  27. 342 downloads
    assemblotron (0.0.2) automatically produce *optimal* assemblies from DNA/RNA sequencing reads
  28. 351 downloads
    assembly (0.0.1) Assembles Models with valid attributes
  29. 235 downloads
    assembly-image (1.6.7) Contains classes to create derivative image files and perform other image operations
  30. 6,378 downloads
    assembly_line (0.2.1) Assembly Line allows you to group together a series of rspec `let` statements which can later be ...