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  1. 1,715 downloads
    asset_manager (0.1.0) Tool to manage static assets like JS, CSS and images.
  2. 2,356 downloads
    asset_oss (0.3.1349530724) asset_oss is a library for uploading static assets to Aliyun OSS.
  3. 9,233 downloads
    asset_packager (0.2.0) Minify for rails js and css
  4. 12,047 downloads
    asset-packager (0.1.6) Asset Packager for the Crystal framework
  5. 461 downloads
    asset_packer (0.1.0) Create an offline version of a HTML file.
  6. 707 downloads
    asset_pages (0.9.11) Asset Pages is a library that augments the Jekyll static site generator with the Rails asset pipe...
  7. 6,427 downloads
    asset_pipeline_i18n ( Localized precompiled assets for Rails
  8. 17,141 downloads
    asset_pipeline_routes (0.3.0) Add a routes helper for all asset pipeline needs
  9. 5,982 downloads
    asset-pocket (0.2.1) Using a config file (pocket) you can create multiple kind of assets groups
  10. 2,917 downloads
    asset_precompilation_finder (0.1.0) Sets the Rails asset precompilation path to compile everything except partials, and compile css l...
  11. 19,667 downloads
    asset-resource (0.5.0) Manage CSS/JS assets as dynamic resources rather than static files
  12. 2,172 downloads
    assets (0.0.1) Assets is a simple gem that provides an ActiveRecord model that handles attachments via paperclip...
  13. 2,014 downloads
    asset_s3 (0.1.0) Rails 3 libary that uploads all static assets to amazon s3
  14. 20,061 downloads
    assets_booster (0.0.13) Instead of sending down a dozen JavaScript and CSS files full of formatting and comments, this ge...
  15. 6,494 downloads
    assets-compiler (0.3) Can be used to compile any static assets (etc minify javascript)
  16. 1,063 downloads
    assets_helper (0.0.3) assets helper is the helper that use to include css and javascript by controller name automatically
  17. 1,187 downloads
    assets_include (2.0.0) Include assets in your views with a single line of code.
  18. 3,392 downloads
    assetsio (0.0.2) Use to deliver your Javascript and CSS assets from the Amazon Cloudfront CDN.
  19. 3,359 downloads
    assetsio-rails (0.0.3) Use to deliver your Javascript and CSS assets from the Amazon Cloudfront CDN.
  20. 3,155 downloads
    assets_js (0.1.1) Provides rails asset helpers to your client side javascript
  21. 456 downloads
    assets-libraries (1.0.1) Assets libraries.
  22. 8,154 downloads
    assets_offline (0.0.5) Rails 3.1 offline cache manifest view
  23. 10,511 downloads
    assets_on_heroku (0.0.5) Assets On Heroku - CSS, JavaScript, Sass. Works with Rails, Merb and Rack apps
  24. 5,134 downloads
    assets_packager (0.0.2) Compress and merge your JavaScript and CSS files
  25. 17,327 downloads
    assets_precompile_enforcer (1.1.0) Raises an exception if assets are missing from config.assets.precompile during development
  26. 769 downloads
    assets_server (0.0.1) compiles and serves static assets
  27. 795 downloads
    assets-squasher (0.0.3) It takes an HTML file, traverses over its scripts and stylesheets and minify them all into one fi...
  28. 1,722 downloads
    asset_stub (1.0) This script generates an asset stub using the same directory structure and conventions that is us...
  29. 3,269 downloads
    asset_sweeper (0.2.0) This gem is for cleaning up rails application by removing unused images, listing unused styleshee...
  30. 580 downloads
    asset_symlink (0.1.0) easily make assets available under a consistent public name