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  1. 150 downloads
    alexyoung-depwhack (0.0.1) depwhack is a tool for comparing local and remote gem dependencies for a Rails project.
  2. 152 downloads
    alexyoung-loom-exceptions-rails-plugin (2.0) Loom is a helpdesk web app which supports exception handling and notifications.
  3. 293 downloads
    alexyoung-rsyncdiff (0.0.2) rsyncdiff is a tool for comparing local and remote code. It displays changes, deletions and diffs.
  4. 22,003 downloads
    alf (0.16.3) Alf brings a beautiful yet powerful relational algebra to the Shell and to Ruby.
  5. 1,258 downloads
    alfa (0.0.3.pre) Alfa CMF
  6. 416 downloads
    al-facebooker ( == DESCRIPTION: Facebooker is a Ruby wrapper over the Facebook[] {REST API}[h...
  7. 606 downloads
    alfalfa (0.1.0) Alfalfa can be used to alphabetize cumbersome gemfiles.
  8. 4,083 downloads
    alf-core (0.16.3) Alf brings the relational algebra both in Shell and in Ruby. In Shell, because manipulating any r...
  9. 1,788 downloads
    alf-doc (0.16.3) This gem provides support for using the formal documentation of Alf.
  10. 1,844 downloads
    alf-rack (0.16.3) This gems provides Rack middleware to use the full power of Alf in web applications.
  11. 6,607 downloads
    alfred (1.0.1) Alfred provides better attr_accessor handling on your application.
  12. 851 downloads
    alfredlite (0.1.0) AlfredLite is a lightweight modular framework for creating Alfred workflows.
  13. 2,829 downloads
    alfredo (0.1.2) Wrapper for Alfred 2's Workflows
  14. 268 downloads
    alfred_rails (0.0.1.alpha) Alfred creates fixture files of your controller responses so you can use them in your tests. Idea...
  15. 34,718 downloads
    alfred-workflow (2.0.5) alfred-workflow is a ruby Gem helper for building [Alfred]( workflow.
  16. 1,209 downloads
    alf-repl (0.16.3) This project provides a Alf-driven web REPL to any database
  17. 1,678 downloads
    alfresco4r (0.0.2) This gem provides the capability to ruby to interact with Alfresco CMS. This gem is providing two...
  18. 1,834 downloads
    alf-rest (0.16.3) Provides a RESTful interface for relational databases.
  19. 3,318 downloads
    alf-sequel (0.16.3) This project implements an Alf adapter on top of the awesome sequel toolkit.
  20. 4,018 downloads
    alf-shell (0.16.3) This project implements the `alf` commandline tool.
  21. 1,869 downloads
    alf-sql (0.16.3) This project implements an abstract SQL compiler for Alf expressions
  22. 147 downloads
    alfuken-simple_audit (0.0.1) Simple auditing plugin.
  23. 1,844 downloads
    alg-backup (3.0.10) Backup is a RubyGem (for UNIX-like operating systems: Linux, Mac OSX) that allows you to configur...
  24. 19,493 downloads
    algebrick (0.4.0) Provides algebraic type definitions and pattern matching
  25. 6,350 downloads
    algerb (0.0.3) Generates autoloader script for your Ruby library.
  26. 8,996 downloads
    alglib (1.0.1) ALGLIB - is a multilingual collection of algorithms designed to solve problems in the field of nu...
  27. 215 downloads
    algoassist (0.0.1) Provides additional information regarding algorithms and their implementations.
  28. 790 downloads
    algol (0.1.0) Logic bundle.
  29. 26,842 downloads
    algoliasearch (1.2.10) A simple Ruby client for the REST API
  30. 32,925 downloads
    algoliasearch-rails (1.11.2) AlgoliaSearch integration to your favorite ORM