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Stencil 0.1.1

Stencil is a templating library with a number of design goals. * Limited code in templates. This isn't meant to embed ruby in anything - it allows for simple control structures, since that's typically what you need in a template, but full access to the Ruby interpreter is just a tempatation into sin. (From a separation of concerns standpoint.) There's a certain amount of code available in conditionals and interpolations, since otherwise they're much harder to do... * Easy to extend. If you do need something extra from a template, not having it in the templating language is frustrating. It's easy to add features to stencil, since they're described in as well-designed classes. * Generic output. Not everything is a website or a mime-encoded email. It's nice to be able to spit out generic text from time to time. * Data sourced from simple datatypes - hashes and array, referenced with data paths. Views can be extracted from any object, or built up in code.


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  • Judson Lester

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